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#MyStory: On My Birthday He Told Me He Wanted A ‘Break’…

#MyStory: On My Birthday He Told Me He Wanted A ‘Break’…

I met my boyfriend on Facebook. Initially, we told each other tons of lies (you can’t really tell people the truth about yourself online, right?). But then I realized I actually really like him and I decided to tell him the truth about my life. I told him everything there was to know and so did he.

We were students at that time and were from different cities so, after a while, we decided to meet each other. Once we met, it was like we both knew each other for a long time and the connection was so strong. We watched a movie together and just hugged each other throughout. This is how we started dating and everything was just perfect. Before we knew it, two years passed. I was very happy with him and we often used to talk about our future together.

It was a long distance relationship but everything was exactly the way I wanted it. That is, until our final semester exams. I passed with good marks but he didn’t. Slowly, he started behaving rudely and started fighting with me over small things and made me cry so many times.

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On my birthday, he decided to visit my city. Of course, I was extremely happy. I was getting to spend my special day with my special man. While we were watching a movie he suddenly told me that he needed two years. I asked him what he meant by that. He told me that he wanted to change his career, so he needs time and he's asking me to wait for him for two years so we can build our future together.

I started to cry and told him he didn’t need to do this. I loved him the way he was. I tried to change his mind but he was firm about his decision. So I decided to wait for him. I loved him, what else was I supposed to do? He promised he’d be back but in reality, he left me alone that day… my birthday.

However, two years passed and I heard nothing from him. He got a job and still didn’t return to my life. Every time I tried to contact him, he never spoke to me properly and told me that we were over. He had broken up with me.

Almost three years have passed now but my love for him, somehow, doesn't fade away. I'm still hoping that one day he'll come but I know he has his own world where I don't exist. Hopefully, I will know what to do next.

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