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#MyStory: My Boyfriend Blocked Me Without An Explanation…

#MyStory: My Boyfriend Blocked Me Without An Explanation…

If people were rain, I was drizzle and he was the hurricane. It all started after our board exams. I logged onto my Facebook account and he pinged me a ‘Hi’! Anant and I were in the same school but had never met before that. In fact, I didn’t even know he existed. I used to like his best friend during our school days and with his simple hi, a million thoughts ran through my mind. ‘May be he has come to talk about his friend, maybe this, maybe that.'

But I was completely wrong, he had a crush on me. I guess he saw me in the market and got super excited. We started talking to each other, shared numbers and trust me… we’d become good friends, but I was still not into him or even anything close to that! Also, I didn’t have any interest in him. I had just made a good friend and by that time he went to London to pursue higher studies.

Him being in London, me being in India, we still managed to talk and even video call. I used to update him about my life, and he updated mine. Whenever he returned from his vacations, we used to meet up and chill together. It was really really good! It was one of those days when the conversation drifted into something a little more romantic and you want to keep it that way. I casually addressed him as ‘tum’ and he got too happy just listening to me address him as that.

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It was Valentine’s week and he sent me something special or the other almost every single day. He used to send sweet messages and I was so so so attracted to him that I started believing that this is more than friendship. On Valentine’s Day, he wished me ‘Happy Valentine’s Day sweetheart’ and also told me how much he missed me. Nobody had ever wished me or made me feel special the way he did. He used to pamper me a lot and was my ‘first’ everything.

After 2 months, he returned to India and he didn’t even send me a message after he came here. I’d been planning this for so long, but nothing went the way I planned. I felt really hurt and even though we spoke after a year,  felt so so bad that he didn't even ping me. We spoke after a year and had same feelings for each other and this time I don’t know how my 'tum' converted into 'aap' which made him go on cloud nine!

We went on our first date and it was so beautiful. We went for a nice long drive, we held hands and even kissed. I thought I’d finally found the man of my dreams and we continued dating for a few months. But out of the blue, one fine day he just blocked me on WhatsApp, calls, and Facebook. I really don’t know why and I tried contacting him through different means but he just won’t reply.

May be because I refused to get physical with him or maybe he met someone else who he thought was better. I loved him truly and it’s so hard to move on without knowing a reason as to why he dumped me like that. I used to be the jovial girl everyone loved, but now I just the heartbroken girl.

*Names changed to protect privacy

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