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What Men & Women *Really* Expect From Their Life Partners!

What Men & Women *Really* Expect From Their Life Partners!

It’s not always easy to find the perfect match in an arranged marriage setup. It takes time, considering that the urban Indian generation is extremely specific and choosy about who they want to spend their lives with. And to give us an insight into what men and women really expect from their life partner, BharatMatrimony recently conducted a matchmaking survey. Around 11,600 people shared their opinions and the results sure do make for an interesting read. Go ahead brides-to-be, you’ve totally got to find out what’s in there! AND, we’ve got the POPxo Team to share their opinions too!

1. 56% men are ready to compromise on the salary earned by their fiancée.

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The notion in society is that a woman’s sole purpose is to have a family and serve it well. A woman’s professional and personal development is no where a priority for anyone. But we women have professional aspirations and goals and they shouldn’t be compromised. If we get our family’s support, a modern woman can shine both personally and professionally - Apoorva Poonia, Trending Writer.

2. 55% women are ready to compromise on their fiancé’s looks but salary is the least they’re willing to compromise on.

It’s agreeable that more women compromise on their partners looks because it’s so superficial. But you do need money to live a life and live it well! Having said that, I strongly think that women should be unwilling to compromise on their partner’s economic status only if they’re earning just as much or doing their best to achieve their career goals. - Somya Suresh, Junior Fashion Editor

3. 65% of men are not ready to compromise on the option to stay with their parents post marriage.

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I think this is really silly and actually quite sad. I would like to make my own home and live with my partner instead of living in a joint family. I mean, if I am leaving my home and comfort, the man can make some compromises too. We are living in the 21st century, right? - Isheeta Sharma, Senior Lifestyle Writer

4. A little more than 65% women are not ready to compromise on their own career and independence post marriage.

This seems like a no-brainer in the current scheme of events, I am surprised it isn’t more! Most women today are pretty clear when it comes to understanding and determining what their future holds, be it career-wise or even something that they want to do themselves or for themselves. They aren’t afraid to get things done and seldom are dependant on someone else to help them. So, with that sort of awareness it becomes non-negotiable. Just because marriage is on the cards, they can’t uproot their lives and forego goals and ambitions. - Kannagi Desai, Junior Beauty Editor

5. About 65% of women are okay with their husband not dropping them at their office every day.

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Why was this even a question in a survey where you’ve asked people about their prospective partners? I know there is an old stereotype about women not being able to drive but haven’t we women already proved that we, indeed, can drive. Even if I don’t have a car, the public transport system in our country is improving day by day and the metro can take me anywhere I want to go. I’m married, not incapable of travelling alone. Please stop asking such questions! - Srishti Gupta, Senior Lifestyle Writer.

6. Also, 65% women are not ready to accept men taking lesser responsibility in household chores.

I mean, isn’t this a given? Men need to really up their game on this one - if she is doing the cooking, you should be able to manage the laundry or shop for groceries. And if your friends are coming to visit you, don’t expect your wife to automatically go into the kitchen and cook up a storm. She’ll obviously help you out, but it’s your house too, so you should be ready to take half of the responsibility. - Amrita Paul, Senior Lifestyle Writer

7. Around 85% of both genders said they expect their partners to be absolutely frank.

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This is rule number one. Being honest and open with your partner, and sharing important details of your past, your ideologies and beliefs, is ultimately what brings two people close to each other and helps them understand one another to the fullest. - Sakshi Budhraja, Senior Editor & Writer

8. 75% of women said ‘respect for parents’ by the prospective groom is very important.

Obviously! If I am ready to leave my parents and start a new family with my partner, respect his parents and do things for their benefit, then obviously I would want my husband to be equally respectful and considerate towards my parents. I cannot settle for a guy who doesn’t treat my folks with utmost care, love and respect. Just as he cares for his parents and expects me to do the same, I would expect it from him too. - Manvi Malhotra, Senior Wedding Writer

9. 65% of men expect their fiancé to be ready to take care of their parents.

9 matchmaking

There is absolutely nothing wrong with it - be it your parents, your husband’s parents or any other person. It's good to be able to take care of someone and be able to help them when they're ill or make take that extra effort to make them feel loved. But it has to be mutual for the marriage to work. If a man expects me to take care of his parents, I would expect the same from him too. And honestly, more than 'taking care' being an expectation, it should be a feeling that comes from within. It all boils down to mutual respect, love and care for each other and for each other’s families. - Manasvi Jaitly, Junior Wedding Editor

As for ‘what you’re ready to let go of for your partner,’ both males and females believe they can stay flexible with their expectations. So all you single ladies and gentlemen, with all these statistics in hand, let’s begin the search, shall we?!

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