Dear Boyfriend, 12 Little Surprises I'd Like More Than A Big One!

Dear Boyfriend, 12 Little Surprises I'd Like More Than A Big One!

I know you are great at surprising me and spoiling me rotten with endless gifts. But dear boyfriend, sometimes your little actions speak louder than the most expensive gifts. Here are 11 little surprises that I’d absolutely adore!

1. A box full of memories

The tickets from our first movie date, photos from the first trip we took together, the first love letters we exchanged - these memories are so special, and I’d want to cherish them forever!

2. Set the scene

At times when I don’t have the best day at work, a warm hug from you is enough to make me feel much better!

3. Bag-o-favourites

How about gifting me a goody bag during that time of the month? It could have my favourite candies, scented candles, a book I’ve always wanted to read… basically, anything which will take my mind off those horrible cramps.

3 little surprises girls love - excited girl

4. Make me a meal

Even if it is just instant noodles and a glass of juice.

5. How about a lil picnic

Maybe we could drive down to our favourite park with sandwiches and samosas?  

6. Come to work

...And whiz me away for a quick lunch. That would just be the perfect little break from work.

6 little surprises girls love - tina fey pizza

7. Put music on my phone

You know my favourite numbers anyway. And you could also introduce me to your favourite songs too!

8. Read to me…

From my favourite book or from one that has a potential to be my favourite.

9. Write me a love letter…

While you’re at it, you can be all cheesy and draw some hearts too.  

9 little surprises girls love - love letters

10. Get flowers and chocolates

There need not be a special occasion. Just surprise me. And I’ll be sure to share my chocolates with you too.

11. Make a song request on the radio

Request my favourite love song on the radio and dedicate it to me. Make sure I’m listening though!

12. Hold my hand

Anytime, anywhere.  Nothing spells love better than knowing you are by my side.

12 little surprises girls love - couple holding hands

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