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Tone Your Tummy: 10 Little Changes That Are SO Effective!

Tone Your Tummy: 10 Little Changes That Are SO Effective!

You don’t even lift, girl? No worries! To keep that stomach looking slim and sexy, you don’t need to workout at the gym. Little tweaks in your lifestyle can not only tone your stomach but also keep your entire body fit. Whether you’re super busy or the other way around, you can still have and achieve fitness goals. Here are 10 little changes that will get you the body you desire.

1. Plank It Out

1 tone your stomach - plank

Only people who have tried planking would know how long a minute actually lasts. Planking is tough initially, but gradually, you build up the strength to hold it from 10 seconds to over a minute or more. Planking helps strengthen your core muscles and over time, tones your stomach as well.

2. It’s All About Posture

Never sit or walk with a hunch because bad posture can contribute significantly to tummy fat. Maintaining a good posture is essential because it keeps your spine erect, improves breathing and holds the tummy muscles in instead of leaving them out. To ace the right posture, put your shoulder back, stand straight, suck your tummy in, butt out and keep your head up. Why don’t you try it to believe it?

3. Tried Green Tea Yet?

3 tone your stomach - drink green tea

Thanks to the antioxidants in green tea, it’s now possible to have a flat belly! While you’re preparing the tea, add grated ginger as it calms your gastrointestinal tract and reduces bloating. Before you workout out or start the day, always make sure to have a cup of green tea first. Both your mind and body will become calm and more energised to face the day ahead.

4. Are You Lactose Intolerant?

You could be lactose intolerant and probably not even be aware of it! To know if you are, consume a dairy product and after awhile, if you experience uneasiness, gas or tummy ache, you’re probably lactose intolerant. This little discovery can show you the reason you feel bloated all through the day. Lactose-free products are available easily in the market and will save you from the unnecessary pain and stomach bloating.

5. Only Eat At THIS Magic Hour

5 tone your stomach protien food

Ladies, anytime between 3-4 p.m. make it a point to eat a snack that’s rich in protein. Think tuna sandwiches, boiled eggs, soy, low-fat dairy products and nuts. Eating during these hours is super important because it helps speed up metabolism and also balance your blood sugar levels. Ideally, to keep your blood sugar levels in check, you should be eating every three to four hours.

6. Stay Away From The Sugar Daddy

Whatever you do, stay away from sugar as much as possible. If you can’t live without it, find a substitute like honey, jaggery or cinnamon. They will save your tummy from bloating and inflammation. When your diet consists of processed food and sugary treats, toning your stomach can be quite impossible. Fruits, vegetables and sprouts, are in fact, packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that prevent your tummy from puffing up and also have natural sugar content!

7. Just Keep Chewing

7 tone your stomach chewing food

If you want to prevent unnecessary bloating, you’ve got to chew your food well. You should know that digestion first begins in the mouth. If food isn’t chewed well, it isn’t digested well, it’s as simple as that. This eventually leads to bloating and gas. To avoid all of these complications, chew before you swallow.

8. You Need To Breakup With Salt

It’s very important to know how much salt is too much. The more salt or soya sauce you have in your diet, the more you’re at risk of bloating. Instead of traditional table salts, opt for natural sea salt. You can also season your food with pepper, lemon juice, tabasco or tomato salsa sauce as alternatives.

9. Punch With Fullpower!

9 tone your stomach - boxing

Tone those arms and abs like a pro by throwing punches in the air! To strengthen your core and muscles, even more, throw punches while you’re holding on to weights. Boxing not only helps you burn calories but also flattens your midsection as well. 15 minutes, thrice a week for a month would definitely show you positive results.

10. It’s Time To LOL

And finally, one of the easiest ways to get a flat tummy is to literally laugh it up! Each time you laugh, it strengthens your abs and builds immunity. After all, laughter is the best medicine, right? Enroll yourself in a laughter yoga class or club, and you’ll be shedding those pounds in the happiest way possible!

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