#ThatGlowTho: Hacks For Better Skin (No Products Needed!)

#ThatGlowTho: Hacks For Better Skin (No Products Needed!)

It’s easy to fake the glow by using beauty products, but the question is, do you really want to? By making a few tweaks in your lifestyle choices, you can easily get gorgeous skin without burning a hole in your pocket. These lifestyle hacks are super simple and can bring beauty and happiness to your life. There’s no need to seek advice from the experts or listen to your gym instructor babble away, just follow what we say, and trust us, you’ll get supple, healthy and radiant skin in no time. Good luck, girls!

1. Declutter To Find Your Zen

1 lifestyle hacks clean pillowcase skin

If you are in a calm and happy state of mind, it shows on your skin. Decluttering is one way to go about it. Keep your space clean and we bet the very sight of a tidy place will improve your mood. You see, messy places can make you feel anxious and put you in a meh mood. Not to forget that the dust particles flying in the air could irritate your skin. This could give rise to acne and unwanted rashes over a period of time.   

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2. Wash Those Cases!

As much as you love sleeping on your tummy, sleeping on your back will be beneficial for your skin. After exposing your skin to UV rays, squishing your face into a pillow at night is the second most harmful thing you can do to your skin. If not washed often, pillowcases can become a breeding field for germs and bacteria. If they come in contact with your skin, expect to wake up to acne and fine lines in the morning.

3. Water Wins Over Juice, ANY Day

3 lifestyle hacks water for skin

FYI girls, juice packets aren’t made 100% from real fruit. Preservatives, sugar and artificial flavouring and colouring are usually added to the juice. This is not only unhealthy for your body, but for your skin as well. In such a situation, water makes a better alternative. Water helps flush out toxins from your body, aids metabolism and improves blood circulation. No matter how busy you are, it’s essential to hydrate!

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4. What’s On Your Plate, Girl?!

Like it or not, but you need to breakup with junk and comfort food. It’s time to make friends with lean meat, fruits, vegetables and nuts. They’re packed with nutrients, minerals, vitamins and protein that help improve the complexion of your skin. Also, instead of swallowing food after a few bites, try chewing properly. When you chew your food well, it makes it easier for your body to digest it. It will save you from experiencing bloating and gas.   

5. Bring The Boring Jars Out

5 lifestyle hacks sweets and skin

If something comes in an attractive packaging, you’ll instantly feel tempted to eat it, right? That’s because in most cases, we eat what we see. We naturally appreciate the aesthetic appeal of objects. If cookies, sweets and cake are your weakness, put them in steel tins or tupperware. You’ll feel less tempted to eat them. The same rule applies to aerated beverages. Don’t think twice about giving them away or throwing them out. If flavour is what your taste buds crave for, slice citrus fruits, pluck a few mint leaves and put them in a glass bottle. Fill it with water and there you go! A natural drink that’s hydrating and healing for your skin. 

6. Get Up, Stand Up!

Being glued to a desk and chair all day is a reality for most girls. Every couple of hours take a break. Get up, stand up and walk around for 10-15 minutes. A short burst of movement can instantly boost your mood and make you feel pumped to face the rest of the day. This activity will cut down your caffeine and cheat food intake and will indirectly have a positive impact on your skin.  

7. Breakfast For A Queen

7 lifestyle hacks breakfast

The one thing you can do for your skin is to never skip breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day because it keeps you energized, replenishes the supply of glucose, provides essential nutrients and breaks the overnight fasting period in the healthiest way possible. Avoid consuming foods like rice, white bread, and pasta as it messes with your metabolism. It fails to process these foods normally and converts them into fat instead of nutrients. For healthier skin and a fitter physique, try oats, hard boiled eggs, tuna salad or a bowl of fresh fruits - they’re the best!   

8. Hello, Sleeping Beauty

One way to get the best skin ever is to sleep it off. Yes, you read that correctly! Getting a decent amount of sleep improves your performance levels and keeps you feeling calm and happy. Plus, at night, your skin repairs itself and if you don’t get an average of 8 hours of sound sleep, you could wake up to tired, oily and dull skin the next day.   

9. Run Like The Wind!

9 lifestyle hacks run healthy skin

Every day, keep 20 minutes aside for basic cardio. This could be running, swimming, cycling, squats or climbing the stairs. All these activities boost feel-good chemicals and sweating it out could actually give your skin a radiant glow. So ladies, what’s stopping you? Work out like a pro!

10. Tried Doing Yoga?

We love the downward dog yoga position because it’s so good for your skin! Yoga is amazing because each pose improves the circulation of blood. When doing the downward dog pose, hold it for 5 minutes. Allow the blood to flow to your face and you’ll notice that once you’re done, you’ll have a healthy glow on your face!

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