10 Kissing Games To Play For A *Hot* Makeout Session With Him!

10 Kissing Games To Play For A *Hot* Makeout Session With Him!

Kissing is passionate, intimate and considered to be a pleasurable activity by almost every couple in the world! And ladies, you know what makes a steamy makeout session even more sexier? Involving games, of course! The kissing games on this list are super fun and are bound to bring you and bae even closer. So ladies, are you ready to indulge in some naughty fun? If that’s a nod, pucker up girls and read on.

1. Spin The Bottle

We bet you’ve heard of this game before. This time, you should try it with him. You can choose to play it on date night or with your friends. If it’s with friends, sit in a circle, if it’s just with your man, you should sit opposite each other. Spin the bottle, and whoever it lands on, that person gets a kiss from the spinner. To turn up the heat, you can also experiment with kissing styles like french, butterfly, cheek and eskimo!

1 kissing game alia and sidharth

2. Cards Of Hearts

You’ll need a pack of cards for this saucy game. Separate the hearts from the deck and shuffle. Ask your man to pick a card from the lot and whichever number he gets, you get to kiss him that many times in different places. (For example: if he picks 3 of hearts, you must kiss him thrice in three different places.)

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3. Seven Minutes In Heaven

Seven minutes in heaven is a classic game because it’s so hot! When playing this with your boyfriend, pick a space that’s dark and small in area (like a closet) The aim is to lock the door, put on a timer for seven minutes, turn off the lights and get busy. During those few minutes, you can whisper sweet nothings into each other’s ears or skip all of it and get to making out.

3 kissing games seven minutes in heaven

4. Kiss Or Dare

Everyone knows how to play truth or dare, but for this game, we’re replacing truth with kiss. The rules are similar to the original game, but instead of blurting out the truth, you’ve got to make your lips touch. Also, dares could range from innocent flirty gestures to downright hot and heavy makeout session - the choice is yours, of course *Wink*

5. Suck And Blow

This game is pretty easy and extremely fun to try out with your man. Whether you play it with him or along with other couples, it’s bound to spice up your love life. All you need is a pack of cards, and through suction, you’ve got to pick up the card with your mouth and transfer it to your partner’s. If the card falls during the process, you’re bound to lock lips. It’s a win-win!

5 kissing games hearts

6. Cupid’s Maggi Noodles

Sure a bowl of maggi noodles is bae, but you know what’s even better? Feeding it to bae without using a fork or your hands! Having you on one side and your boyfriend on the other, the noodle is bound to make your lips touch in the yummiest way possible. You’re eating and kissing at the same time, can life get any better?!

7. Roll That Dice

To ace this game, you need 2 dice. One that has different styles of kissing and the other that has different places to kiss. Roll the dice and whichever combination you get, you have to give it a shot. Let’s say one dice reads sloppy kiss, and the other reads neck, then you’ve got to give a sloppy kiss on the neck!

7 kissing games dice

8. The Love Secret

You know what’s sexy? Getting it on without getting caught. Either at a club or a friend’s place, you and him should find a spot to make out without anyone catching the two of you. The suspense, shortage of time and intimacy is what makes the kiss even more passionate and memorable.

9. Jar Of Hearts

Get your hands on an empty glass jar and write your deepest, darkest kissing fantasies on strips of paper. Fold them up and toss them into the jar till it touches the brim. Each time both of you are in the mood, put your hand in the jar and pick a chit up. Brownie points for creativity!

9 kissing game jar of hearts

10. Blindfold Your Way Out

We saved the best game for last because we know this is something you and him will try for sure. You’ve got to make him sit on the couch or lie on the bed and blindfold him. It’s then up to him to use just his hands and lips to navigate his way to your pleasure spots. To make the game even more sensual, you’re free to include handcuffs, ice cubes, fruits, and chocolate. Good luck!

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