The First Time I Forgot To Text Him ‘I’m Home’ After A Party

The First Time I Forgot To Text Him ‘I’m Home’ After A Party

You remember the first HUGE fight that you had with your boyfriend? The one that changed everything? I do! It really was a big fight and one that we both remember till date.

I was going to a party for a friend’s birthday. It had been planned for weeks in advance. My boyfriend would only be making an appearance because he had urgent work the next morning and couldn’t afford to stay for long. I, on the other hand, had planned to stay well into the night and drink like a fish!

He and I left for the party together. I had already talked to another friend to drop me back home since I’m a strong advocate of ‘no drinking and driving’. When we reached, the party was in full swing. We had drinks handed to us within minutes of arriving. After an hour or so, my boyfriend said his goodbyes and left. He told me to call me as soon I got home and that he’d be waiting for my call.

Soon I was pretty drunk. But then so was my friend who promised to drop me home. When it was time to leave, I asked the host to call me a cab since I did not want to go with my friend. His cousin, who I had met for the first time, offered to drop me home since he lived in the same area. I called and informed my boyfriend of the same and he, a little worried, reminded me to call/ text him as soon as I got home.

By the time I got home, I was pretty tired. I changed and fell asleep without even realizing that my phone was switched off since it had no charge. That is how the whole fight started. My poor boyfriend kept trying to call me all night. He couldn’t reach me so he called the host who gave him his cousin’s number. The cousin reassured my boyfriend that I had reached home safely. This whole process took a while and by the time he fell asleep, it was already 4 in the morning. The next day, naturally, he was late for his meeting and got scolded by his dad.

When I woke up, I saw that my phone was switched off and I immediately realized my mistake. Boy, I was scared. As soon as I switched it on, there were at least 20 messages from him - all asking me where I was in varying tones of urgency. I called him back to apologize and he disconnected my call. It happened two more times and I knew I was in trouble. I sent him a long text with an extended apology and hoped it would make everything better. I knew it wouldn’t though.

internal forgot to send him the i am home text

Two hours later, I got a call from him. For one minute, there was complete silence on the phone and then, in the most angry but calm tone, he said ‘what you did yesterday was the single most irresponsible thing you’ve done till date. I was scared out of my mind. You’re 24. This wasn’t expected from you.’ I apologized for what felt like a million times. All he said was that it was okay and then disconnected saying he had a lot of work and would call back when he was free. All day I received no call or message and at night he called me for 15 minutes and disconnected again. This continued for one more day.

On the second day, I begged him to talk to me properly and that is when he really let it all out. He screamed at me for 15 minutes straight - without a pause. While I knew I was wrong, suddenly one thing led to another and we were having a full blown fight. His last sentence before disconnecting was ‘Call me when you grow up.’

For one week, I did not call him, nor did he. This was the longest we had ever gone without talking to each other. Finally, I admitted defeat and dialled his number. ‘Thank God you called, I was afraid you’d be too stubborn and that would be the end of us,’ he said as soon as he picked up the call. Both of us burst out laughing. We made peace and apologized to each other.

It’s been a while since the fight and it’s still the biggest one we’ve had till date, fingers crossed. We both learnt very valuable lessons from that fight and it only strengthened our relationship!

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