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7 *Different* Types Of Stripes And How To Style Them!

7 *Different* Types Of Stripes And How To Style Them!

Stripes have always been a staple trend in the fashion calendar. It’s something that won’t ever go out of vogue, but this year it’s a huge fashion statement…from colourful stripes to solid black and white. There’s a closet full of styles to experiment with and here are a few ways you can style your stripes this season!

1. Pin Stripes

Pinstripes are thin, long and vertical stripes. They’re popular in menswear and are known for the classy appeal they lend to a tailored suit. Pinstripes will look great when worn as a crisp shirt or a even as a shirt dress!

2. Horizontal Stripes

This one’s probably the most controversial because horizontal stripes are known to make you look broader. Well, it’s a good choice for women who have a narrow or petite frame. Alternately, you can also use it as a cover up!

3. Vertical Stripes

Vertical stripes add the illusion of height to your body, making you appear taller and slimmer. If you were thinking only in shades of black and white, it may be time you re-think it and colour block with a contrasting hue, that is bright enough to give it an interesting twist.

4. Barcode Stripes

The trend became quite big last season and was seen in experimental silhouettes and colours. They’re basically a series of straight lines that vary in thickness. It gives this pattern the look of an optical illusion and looks really cool!

5. Colourblocked Stripes

If you thought stripes were just about two colours, you were wrong! Try a colourblocked version of stripes that has many hues… all in one outfit! Trust us, it will look great!

6. Nautical Stripes

6 how to wear stripes

Breton stripes, as they’re also called, originated from the uniforms of naval officers in Brittany. The white shirt with blue horizontal stripes became synonymous with sailing and went on to become a trend! Nautical stripes are really easy-breezy and the colour lends the entire outfit you wear a fresh feel. It’s ideal to wear nautical stripes in short dresses, as cover ups and even as hats!

7. Asymmetrical Stripes

Asymmetrical stripes are nothing but visual play. They go against the idea of stripes being used overall and are usually ‘patterned’ according to the silhouette of the dress. The image above might help you understand better! The stripes around the shoulder fall differently from the rest of the dress.

Which one’s your favourite kind?