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Living With Your In-Laws? 10 Sneaky Ways To Get Some Alone Time!

Living With Your In-Laws? 10 Sneaky Ways To Get Some Alone Time!

It’s a full house and you hardly find any alone time with your husband. We know how annoying it can get. But worry not, woman, for we’re here to help. We’ve been talking to the more experienced in the married space and they’ve let us in on little tricks that’ll help any woman balance between the boy and his fam like a pro. Give them a try, yes?

1. Make sure you head out for a little walk post dinner, before scooting off into your room.

Going for a walk is a great way of finding comfort in each other's company at the end of each day. It lets you share the highs and lows of your day with your partner and gives you the space to say whatever you want, without worrying about being interrupted or overheard.

1 alone time with your husband - holding hands

2. Wake up early and join a gym, go for a swim or simply exercise together.

It’s a great idea to match your sleep cycle with your partner. Try and sleep together and then wake up together too. Start your day on a high note, from here, with some energy packed exercise routine. It’ll help you connect with one another like never before.

3. Reserve at least one day in the week for yourselves.

Binge watch your fav TV shows, go out for a movie, finish up grocery shopping or meet up old friends – whatever it is that both of you want to do, you’ve got this one day to yourselves. Make sure your family understands that this day is reserved for just the two of you and that their plans can only feature in later.

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4. Don’t let your room turn into a public space, just because you live with a joint family.

Even at the cost of seeming slightly cold, guard your personal space with fervour, if you must. No, we’re not asking you to not let anyone come into your room, but rather we’re asking you to not keep inviting people over and give them the impression that they can lounge about. For if they do, you won’t be able to ask them to leave and you wouldn’t be left with any personal space to yourself.

5. Keep going out for little ice-cream dates.

Don’t you let romance quietly leave your life. Make spontaneous plans to skip dinner or treat yourself to a new cuisine over lunch, some day. Make sure to date one another and we promise you won’t have to worry about the spark in your relationship, ever.

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6. Try to keep the TV out of the room and the phone out of the bed.

Trust us, you won’t even miss your TV after it’s gone. In fact, you’ll be glad for it, because without the TV in the room, you’ll suddenly find yourselves with so much time in your hands to do other things.

7. Try and get ready together every morning.

Contrary to what a lot of couples believe to be annoying, we’ve found that when you’re living in a joint family, getting ready together can be another great way of spending alone time with each other. You can put your messy room back in order, help each dress up and discuss your schedules for the day and kinda stay in sync.

7 alone time with your husband - couple brushing teeth together

8. Maybe send your family away for a trip, somewhere?

Only couples who live with their in-laws can understand the thrill of staying at home, all alone. Everything in their home starts seeming like a quiet, exciting, unexplored space with so many adventures and possibilities.

9. Sit on the terrace together.

Why not? Carry your tea tray complete with biscuits and cakes to the roof but do not make much noise about it, otherwise you’ll have all the kids following you up there too. Sitting for even half an hour in the day is enough to help you grow stronger as a couple.

9 alone time with your husband - emma stone girl jumping on bed

10. Try and have at least one meal together.

There’s something quite sweet about sitting down together to share your meal with your spouse. There’s so much love in making sure that your partner’s well-fed and healthy. It makes the love grow.

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