10 Ways To Deal With Men Who Make You Feel Uncomfortable

10 Ways To Deal With Men Who Make You Feel Uncomfortable

We’ve all been in situations where we’ve been uncomfortable and a lot of times, we’re not able to do much about it. Women, of course, have been put in this situation by men for ages now. It could be the guy who stares at you in the streets or the one who passes a lewd comment or the friend who just sits too close. If someone is making you feel uneasy, you should put a stop to it immediately - be it a relative, friend or some unknown person. Here are 10 things to do if you find yourself in a situation with men who make you uncomfortable.

1. Set Limits

The very first step to deal with this is to set personal limits about what is okay and what is not. If you’re unsure of your boundaries, you will not be able to set them at all. Sit down and honestly think about what makes you feel uncomfortable. That’s where you’ll get your confidence from!

2. Do Not Look Away

Do not avert your eyes or play down a situation when you know, in your head, that it is wrong. If someone is staring at you, don’t look away and tell yourself that it’s not happening. Also, in no situation should you let yourself be blamed for the behaviour of another.

3. Learn To Say No

Saying ‘No’ is a practice all women need to develop from childhood. It is a simple word that can ensure that you’ll never be in a situation that you don’t want to be in. No matter what is happening or who is doing it, if you feel uneasy, you say NO - loud and clear.

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4.  Practice Being Direct

Nothing is better than a direct conversation. Especially if it is someone you know, tell them what they’re doing that is making you feel uncomfortable. Give them the benefit of the doubt once - they might be doing things without realising how it affects you and a conversation could put a stop to it.

5. Don’t Let Someone Make You Feel Guilty

Never feel guilty for not being okay with something that is making you feel uncomfortable. You’re unique and you have your own set of principles. Don’t let anybody guilt you or make you feel like your concerns are irrelevant. If somebody is constantly troubling you and a friend happens to say ‘he’s doing it because he loves you’, don’t let that stop you from taking action against that person.

6. Take Charge Of The Situation

If a situation or a conversation is not going in a way that you want, try gain an upper hand and take charge of it. Never fear coming across as domineering. Let’s say that someone is asking you or rather bothering you about your relationship status and you don’t feel comfortable answering, feel free to respond with a ‘I’m not comfortable with that question’ or an even more direct manner if he doesn’t stop.

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7. Avoid It All Together

If confrontation is not your cup of coffee, try and avoid situations that may involve interaction with this person. While, realistically, it’s not the most advisable option, it still should be used whenever you can.

8. Involve An Older Person

In case there is a situation which is has gotten out of hand or even has a potential to get out of hand, make sure that you involve an elder. If you’re not comfortable telling your parents, there is always a teacher you can confide in or some family member who may be more understanding.

9. Take A Stand And Walk Out

Learn to leave all situations that make you feel uncomfortable if the person involved does not respect your opinions even after you’ve told them. Don’t try to stay for too long and make it better. Taking a hard stance and leaving immediately, will help drive your point across faster than anything else.

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10. Alert Appropriate Authorities

This one is super important to remember. Make sure you alert the appropriate authorities whenever you feel your safety is threatened. While it might seem daunting to approach the authorities and people might dissuade you from doing so, remember your safety always comes first.

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