11 Fun (And Playful) Ways To Bring You & Bae Closer!

11 Fun (And Playful) Ways To Bring You & Bae Closer!

Doesn’t matter if you’ve been together for just a few months or for a decade – it’s necessary to keep the flame alive in any relationship. We bet these 11 ways to be more playful with your guy will make him want you more…and more and more…

1. Flirt, flirt, flirt

Reignite the initial spark by being fun and flirty with him. Tickle his fantasy with some saucy compliments every now and then and watch him return the favour.

2. Surprise him

With tickets to an extremely flop movie that no one wants to go to. Make use of the extra space you’ll get with the empty seats around. Last row; corner seats, please!

3. Food for thought

Lick that ice cream candy, slurp that melted chocolate or bite into the caramel dipped banana in a really, really suggestive way!

3 playful with your guy - katy perry licking ice cream

4. Go cryptic

Send a message or a GIF to him that spells raunchy. Who says the two of you only have to talk about the boring everyday stuff? *wink*

5. Make sure you whisper!

Sweet nothings, of course, in his ears. Make them absolutely yummy!

6. Wear something awesome...

…both inside and outside. Ask him to guess the colour and do reward him when he is right!

6 playful with your guy - blaire makeup

7. Sit really close to him...

...or angle yourself towards him. Keep your hand on his inner thigh in a casual but provocative manner. Now you sure know what it would do to him and his, erm, manhood!

8. Look at him

And let the gaze linger a bit longer. Connect with him at a deeper level. Let him know he means the world to you but only with your eyes!

9. Be silly

Watch stupid, funny videos together and laugh out loud. With the stress hormones reducing, you sure proceed to the next level of sexy.

9 playful with your guy - playful girl

10. Roleplay

If you both are game for it, let the match begin! Don’t know what to do? Well, you know we’re always ready to help. Here are some ideas to get you started!

11. Spa time

Who wouldn’t want to be pampered to the core? Wear something sexy while you spoil him with the service!

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