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The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Planning A Fantastic Trip!

The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Planning A Fantastic Trip!

Vacation! The magical word that is a symphony to the ears when the Monday-to-Friday grind gets on your nerves. Everyone loves a break, but not all of us are blessed with the gift of packing like a boss. We find ourselves scrambling for spare underwear 15 minutes before sliding into a cab, and by the time our next trip comes around, we are none the wiser. Here is a lazy girl’s guide to planning a trip and packing like a total pro.

1. Technology is your best friend

1 guide to planning a trip- technology

Online booking, check-ins, and travel apps such as TripAdvisor, Make My Trip, and Tripoto plan your trip for you based on your likes and preferences are an absolute blessing for hassle-free travel. They help make airline and hotel bookings so much easier and even find the best deals for you.

2. Priority basket - toss it when you find it

Keep a designated travel bag or basket in your room well before you start packing for your trip, and toss in it everything that you come across at home, that you know you must pack. This way, you get a head start on everything you need to take, without scrambling around at the last minute, we all know that only results in us forgetting to pack so many important things.

3. When in doubt, go basic

3 guide to planning a trip - basic

If you are unsure about what kind of trip it’s going to be, you can’t go wrong with packing these four essentials from your wardrobe - a pair of jeans, the little black dress, one pair of heels, and your go-to comfort wear (preferably a loose and breathable material outfit). This way, you’re prepared for every occasion!

4. Forget those ‘just in case’ items

No, you are not going to unexpectedly need your semi-precious stones encrusted necklace, there’s no need to pack it. A huge chunk of your ‘what if’ and ‘maybe’ items should be eliminated as you pack. It’s a huge space saver!

5. Don’t unpack everything

5 guide to planning a trip - unpacking

You’re going to need a similar list of items that you took on your first trip, the next time a vacation comes along. Keep them in the same bag, and duplicate the items for your everyday use. This way, you save on precious packing time with a pre-filled suitcase. #LazyGirlHacks at it’s best! *wink*

6. Plan a date with your suitcase

Tell yourself you HAVE to be packed on a certain date, at a certain hour, at any cost. Dedicate that time to nothing else but your packing, and watch yourself glide through those last minute checklists like a star!

7. Makeup - grab what you see

7 guide to planning a trip - makeup

Follow the rule: if it’s not already out, you don’t need it. You are better off sweeping your daily makeup from your dresser into your carry-on, and not worrying about taking five extra palettes of shimmery eyeshadow that you know you won't have to time to experiment with on your trip.

8. To-do lists are lifesavers

The best part is that they can be reused for future trips, especially with essentials that stay the same for any kind of vacation you take.

Bon voyage!

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