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The First Muslim Gay Wedding Took Place And We’re SO HAPPY!

The First Muslim Gay Wedding Took Place And We’re SO HAPPY!

A couple of days ago, a Muslim man in UK married his Christian partner in one of the first Muslim gay weddings to be held in the country, as reported by Daily Mail, UK. Jahed Choudhary, 24, and Sean Rogan, 19, got married in traditional Muslim attires and were overjoyed at their own wedding ceremony.

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Their story is nothing short of magical either. Two years ago, Sean found Jahed on a town bench, contemplating suicide after a lifetime of bullying. Sean saved Jahed that day and since then there has been no looking back for the two of them.

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One of the few openly gay Muslims in UK, Jahed became the first one to get married to another man. The two of them hope that they will set an example for all others (Muslim or not) who are struggling with their sexuality and that this will help them come out of the closet and be secure in their own skin.

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While they have received a lot of flak online for having a same sex marriage with people calling them ex-Muslims and threatening them with dire consequences if they don’t separate, we, personally, could not be happier to see somebody so young set an example for all those around them. Both, Jahed and Sean are a source of inspiration for other people struggling to come to terms with their reality. It’s heartening to see their love for each other and it also proves the saying by Kate McGahan that ‘love can be found in unexpected places’. Every person going through a difficult time must keep this in mind and take inspiration from their story.

More power to these two young men! And congratulations too, of course!