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11 Fashion Risks That Are Absolutely Worth Taking!

11 Fashion Risks That Are Absolutely Worth Taking!

It’s easy to play safe with your outfits and look a certain way all the time. But what’s the fun in always playing safe? You might think it’s quite easy to mess up an outfit by experimenting a little and you’re not completely wrong in thinking so! Fashion is a tricky business but here are 11 fashion risks every girl should take, to make her style more fun!

1. Wear a crop top…


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No matter what your body type is! No really, a crop top is too much fun to not try. If you want to flaunt a little bit of your tummy, your body type should be the least of your concerns. There are so many ways to style a crop top and this makes it a summer must-have! Try the trend if you haven’t already.

2. Print on print!

Because life's too short to wear plain clothes every day. Not only are clashing prints a great way to experiment with different separates, it also adds a great dimension to your outfit. So what are you waiting for, ladies?

3. Wear the same colour from head to toe


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The secret to getting this one right is by keeping the silhouette basic and breaking the colour monotony by flaunting some of your gorge skin. It’ll make your outfit look balanced and won’t make you look like a fruit!

4. Go retro!

It’s no secret that fashion takes a full circle in terms of the trend cycle. So instead of waiting for the trend to come back, take the plunge and be the trendsetter! Wear dungarees, good old Lennon glasses or anything that takes you back in time. Even if it’s for a day; playing dress up is always exciting! Moreover, vintage fashion is always in, we mean it!

5. Give that bold bottom a shot  


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We tend to shy away from bottom wear that’s too bold because we think it will make us look too OTT. But let’s face it, wearing a dramatic bottom is just as experimental as trying on a dress in a new silhouette. Whether it’s a sequinned skirt or printed pants, a bold bottom never fails to make a playful outfit!

6. Mismatched earrings because, why not?!

We all have earrings that have lost their better halves. So why not put those odd earrings to some good use? Mix and match from your collection and don’t worry too much about how they look ‘together’. Pair one long earring with a shorter one for a balanced look and choose colours that go well with your outfit. It’s definitely worth a try!

7. Try a pair of unusual shoes


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Because a pair of shoes can change your fashion statement, forever! Ever looked at a pair of shoes and felt like they’re too ‘out there’ but you also wanted to really try them? They don’t necessarily have to be pretty or conform to the idea of ‘normal’ and can be whacky in their own way. Those pairs have the power to give any simple outfit a street style touch.

8. Socks with heels, maybe?

Might sound weird to the most of you but trust us, it can look super cute if done right! Just make sure to hide the toe seams and not let it peek out of your sandals. You can go all out by styling them in contrasting colours or even keep it simple by pairing your heels with basic white, lacy stockings!

9. Flaunt your legs through the highest slit!

Don’t play it safe with slits and invest in a dress with the highest slit possible. It’s quite liberating to wear something that you know looks sexy. It’s your body and YOU have the right to show it off in any way! You can wear a full coverage underwear that goes well with the colour of your outfit, so even if it does peek out at any moment, it doesn’t look too bad.

10. Match your outfit with your bestie!

You only live once (YOLO) and matching outfits with your bestie is something that needs to be ticked off your bucket list! We’re not talking about wearing the exact same outfits (or do so if you wish to) but wearing something identical, like the same pattern or print - it can look really cute!

11. Glitter during the day? Of course!

Sequin and shimmer can be worn during the day! Limit yourself to one blingy piece to avoid looking OTT. If you’re shopping on a budget, go for shiny fabrics instead of sequins. As cheap embellishments rarely look classy, this a great way to work in the trend and wear it during the day.

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