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Best exercises to sculpt your body at home

Best exercises to sculpt your body at home

All we want in life is to eat as much as we like and not gain weight. Sounds perfect, right? Sadly, it isn’t and we need to work out if we want to stay in shape. Even if you’re that skinny friend who eats more than the rest but never puts on any weight - it’s important to keep moving! Here are 5 easy workouts you can include in your fitness regime.

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1. Do Some Light Stretching

The best exercise upon waking up is light stretching. Stretching will help you improve your posture by loosening your muscles and making them more flexible. That’ll also reduce aches and pains all over your body and increase blood flow which, in turn, leads to higher levels on energy throughout the year. In this video, howtoloseweights0 has shown some easy stretching workout exercises you can do in bed and they’ll help kick start your fitness journey too!

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2. Strengthen The Core

Strengthening your core is extremely important, not only to get that flat stomach you’ve been aiming for, but also because these muscles provide support to your entire body and prevent strain on your back. Here is an amazing 5-minutes ab workout shown by Joanna Soh Official and you can do it in bed, in the morning. Say bye-bye to that gym membership with these easy ab workouts!

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3. Work On That Lower Body

Glutes, legs and lower ab workouts are very important! The lower body, together with a strong core helps increase your overall strength and improve your fitness. They also help build muscle which will eventually help lose weight faster since muscle tissues burn more calories, even when you’re resting, than body fat. Here is a everyday easy workout by Lindsay Marie to help tone your lower body!

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4. Burn That Fat Fast

If you’re looking to burn that fat and get on the road to fitness but aren’t motivated enough to go to the gym and do so, you can totally do this in 8-minute easy workout by Joanna Soh Officia in bed. There are 5 easy exercises in the workout that need to be done for 45 seconds each, in 2 sets, with 30 seconds of rest between the sets. It’s the perfect everyday  workout to quickly get rid of that pesky fat and get all toned up!


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5. Pay Attention To Your Face

We cannot exclude the face from our fitness routine now, can we? None of us like that double chin so here’s a easy 2-minute everyday easy workout by POPxo that you can do while watching TV or even reading a book!

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Published on Jul 24, 2017
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