20 Makeup Hacks Every 20-Something Girl Needs To Know

20 Makeup Hacks Every 20-Something Girl Needs To Know

Any girl in her twenties needs to know these 20 makeup tricks at the back of her hand. After all, they’re essential and super easy to pick up. Whether she’s a beginner or a pro, these cool makeup hacks will be something she’ll cherish forever. Not to forget that they’ll save her time, energy and make her look super glamorous with minimal effort! So girls, are you ready to give them a shot? Awesome! Here are 20 easy makeup tricks for a girl in her twenties. Good luck!

1. When applying mascara, place a plastic spoon under your lashes so that no product goes to waste and it doesn’t stain the skin under your eyes. Plus, this easy trick gives your precious lashes a thicker and fuller appearance.

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1 makeup tricks mascara with spoon

2. After applying lipstick, simply hold a tissue over your lips and apply powder over the tissue. This makes your lipstick last longer and creates a beautiful matte finished look.  

3. Want to ace the no eye makeup look? Well, that’s easy if you learn the art of tightlining. The eyeliner should be placed on your upper and lower waterline to fill in the gaps between the lashes. This will make your eyes pop and your lashes appear naturally fuller.

4. Make your eyeshadow stand out by covering your entire eyelid with white liner. This works as a perfect base and makes your eyeshadow look vibrant and catchy!

5. You don’t need to use fake eyelashes ever again after you try this trick out! After curling your lashes, use a brush to dust a thin layer of baby powder on them. Follow it up with a coat of mascara after. This trick works like a charm to make your lashes appear fuller and prettier.

5 makeup trick kajal

6. To give your skin a natural, luminous glow, try this amazing DIY tinted moisturizer! To ace the trick, mix your favourite face lotion with a bit of concealer. Blend both products well till you’re left with a creamy paste. This works as a fantastic base and gives your skin a dewy, dreamy finish.  

7. You don’t find the need to splurge on a brow brush? Use an old mascara wand instead! Use hairspray on your mascara wand to keep your brows neat and in place. You can also sweep the brush in a bit of colour to fill in your brows in the most natural way possible.

8. If you want to give your lips a 3D effect, simply apply a coat of your favourite lipstick. Once that’s done, press your finger into a frosted blush or an eyeshadow in a shade similar to the lipstick. Apply that to the center of your bottom and top lip to create that WOW effect.

9. New to smokey eyes? Well, here’s a golden tip we’d like to share with you! Right before the outer corner of your eye, draw a hashtag symbol. Use a smudger to blend it out to create a sexy, smokey eye look.

10. Love a particular shade of eyeshadow and want to use it as a lipstick? We’ve got you covered! Simply mix the shimmery eyeshadow powder with petroleum jelly and you’re left with a brand new shade of lipstick.

10 makeup tricks eyeshadow

11. Don’t have coloured mascara lying around? No worries! Simply use your favourite eyeshadow shade! All you have to do is after applying your regular black mascara, dust on a powdered eyeshadow of the desired colour. You’ve got to try it to believe it!

12. For girls who don’t want to deal with cake-face makeup, using a finishing spray after applying it is one way to go about it. The spray not only makes your makeup stay on for a longer time, but also gives it a fresh, radiant look.

13. During hot summer days, instead of sticking to bright, bold colours, you may want to stick to cool, pastel shades. That way, even if your makeup melts, it won’t ruin your look thanks to the bleeding colour.

14. When shopping for the perfect shade of foundation, it’s important to find one that perfectly matches your skin’s complexion. Instead of testing the product on your face, try it on your neck. Because, skin is more uniform on your neck than your face.

15. Also, if you ever run out of foundation, you can always use a tinted sunscreen! The benefits of using one is that it provides decent coverage and protects your skin at the same time!

15 makeup tricks concealor and lotion

16. The quickest makeup trick for radiant, soft skin is using blush! Whether the product is in the form of a cream, gel or powder, gently apply it on the apple of your cheeks. Sweep up into the hairline and carefully blend the product vertically, using a brush or a beauty blender.

17. For naturally fuller and prettier lips, stick to lip gloss! The gloss draws light to the face and makes your lips look supple and fuller. Stick to a tinted lip gloss with less shine so that it gives your lips a smoother finish.

18. Whether it’s recovering from a hangover or dealing with many sleepless nights at a stretch, you’re bound to spot dark circles. Use a concealer to undo the wrong by applying it onto the inner corners of your eyes. Use a flat brush to blend the product and in a matter of 5 minutes, you’ll have beautiful, radiant skin.

19. Do you crave for that natural skin glow? Well, let blush take care of that for you. The trick is to apply the blush first, and follow that with a foundation. It’ll look as if your skin is glowing from within!

20. Only a girl who loves wearing kajal everyday will know how troublesome it is to remove it properly. However, you can make it a simple task by dipping a Q-tip into a cleansing lotion and patiently removing the kajal from your eyes.  

20 makeup trick kajal

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