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15 Drunk Conversations We *Only* Have With Our Bestie!

15 Drunk Conversations We *Only* Have With Our Bestie!

When you plan to have a night out with your girlfriends, you know that you’re going to confide in them a whole lot. Be it about the undying love you have for them or telling them how much you hate ‘that boy’- there is a reason why we keep those drinks coming. They lead to the best conversations ever! If you agree with us then you can quite relate to the following drunk conversations you have definitely had with your besties. So, where are them drinks at?

1. The you’re my soulmate conversation

‘You know who I love the most? YOU! Like, I just love YOU SO DAMN MUCH.’

drunk conversations 1 girls besties

2. The how is my makeup conversation

‘Hey, is my lipstick bleeding?’

3. Last week fling’s conversation

‘So, this guy I went out with last week was such a…’

4. The secret conversation

‘You know I wouldn't tell you this if we were sober but that guy you’re seeing is an ass****.’

5. Tonight’s drinks are on me kinda conversations

‘Waiter, can you please take my card and just keep it?’

drunk conversations 5 friends drinking

6. He will never get a girl like me conversation

‘You know, he has now lost me forever!’

7. But what is she wearing conversation

‘If I had a body like her, I would never wear that… EVER!

8. The important advice conversation

‘You think I should text him?’

9. Telling each other their worth kinda conversation

‘But you know how much you mean to me? It’s much more than any guy I have ever dated!

drunk conversations 9 friends tired 

10. Reminiscing the old days conversation

‘You know back in the day, when I first met you…’

11. What’s for dinner conversation

‘You know I want pizza! No, a burger. Actually a pizza. Ugh! I can’t decide, you tell me?’

12. The self-pity conversation

‘Do you think I will probably die alone?’

13. Let’s plan a trip conversation

‘You know what we should do? Plan a trip to Spain!’

drunk conversations 13 beyonce nicky minaj

14. The naughty conversation

‘If I buy that pink lingerie and wear it in front of him, will he have a good time?’

15. The tiny fight conversation

‘But you know how much I hate her. Why did you talk to her in the first place?’

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