10 Super Cute DIY Anniversary Gifts To Give Your Boyfriend!

10 Super Cute DIY Anniversary Gifts To Give Your Boyfriend!

It’s your anniversary and time show your boyfriend some much needed love! Nothing shows your love and affection for another person like a gift you made yourself. So here are 10 easy but super cute DIY anniversary gifts you can give your boyfriend.

1. An Adorable Photo Box

Remember the photobooth strips that are so adorable and we have so much fun making? This DIY idea by KeepCalmAndBlushOn takes inspiration from the same and you can make it for him! Click a few fun photos with him and then you can print those pictures and put them on a strip in the box. Plus, it’s tiny, perfect to hide away from the prying eyes.

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2. 100 Reasons Why

We all love to be told regularly what it is that our partners love about us. Why not put a cute spin on this? Give your boyfriend a present which tells him exactly why you love him. BaddyDreamer Days shows us how to make this adorable notebook with 100 reasons why you love him. You can do less if 100 is too much!

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3. It’s Story Time

Every couple has a special story. Revisit yours by making a book of your memories together. Put in things like the day you first met, how you two got together, where your first date was and other such memories. You can put in photos, texts or souvenirs from your dates. Take a cue from this DIY with DaisY video!

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4. Care Package

Care packages are, literally, the best way to say you care! Give him a care package filled with all the goodies he loves. Go wild with what you put in there- candy, grooming products, PS4 CDs or even condoms (wink wink). Melissa Nyugen shows us how to put together the perfect care package for your boyfriend.

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5. Date Night Ideas

Always getting stuck on what to do for date nights? Wlovelinda has your back. Make a jar full of date night ideas for him. Whenever it’s just the two of you, all you need to do is pick a chit and you’re sorted for the date.

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6. Scratch and Win

Lottery tickets are so much fun, especially if we win the very things we desire. So why not gift your man a lottery ticket that’ll get him all things he loves like dinner dates with you, some sexy time or just a night out with the boys. KeepCalmAndBlushOn shows you how to make this lottery ticket in the easiest way ever!

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7. Waterfall Card

If you haven’t made a waterfall card till now, you totally need to make it for your boyfriend! It’s cute, fun and easy to make. Plus he’ll love this creative card too! Srushti Patil put up a video in which she showed a super simple way to make one and you’ll be able to make the card within minutes.

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8. Box Of Love

Are you a fan of arts and crafts and love adding a personal touch to everything? Then this box of love by Love For Crafts is what you need to make for your boyfriend asap. This explosion box can have messages, pictures, love letters and so much more in one small box. And it is the cutest thing ever!

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9. Some Coupon Lovin’

Another really fun and easy gift to give your boyfriend is a bunch of coupons, just like Ilikeweylie has done. The coupons can have things like ‘cuddle with me’, ‘let’s go out for date’, ‘some sweet lovin’ and similar things written and your boyfriend can cash in on them whenever he wants. Make sure you add in some naughty ones too!

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10. Frame Collage

We all love picture collages of people we are close to. Why not do the same with a twist for your boyfriend. CreationsToInspire shows us a totally new and creative way of putting pictures in a frame. He’s going to love it and it’ll be his a part of his room for sure.

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So go ahead and show him some serious lovin’ this anniversary!

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