7 Reasons Why It’s Time To Take Fashion Bloggers Seriously

7 Reasons Why It’s Time To Take Fashion Bloggers Seriously

‘Are you a blogger? Oh! Are you aspiring to be one? How many times do you shoot in a week? Have you ever collaborated? How much money do you make?’ - these are a few questions that pop into my mind every time I view a digital influencer’s profile.

Social media has carved an industry for itself and it’s one that happened when we were busy dismissing apps that have become huge business tools. While fashion bloggers have managed to create an entire career for themselves, a lot of us shrug them off as ‘just a girl with pretty pictures.’ Bloggers and their social media presence have become more important than ever; creating a small yet important niche for brands to market their products.

Well, here are a few reasons why we think it’s time we take digital influencers and their contributions to new media seriously.

1. They have a story to tell


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Yes, traditional advertising attempts to tell a story and engage their audience, but with bloggers, each of them has a different story to share. Adding their personal style, opinion and a slice of their lives to it makes the content different and easier to understand. Most influencer campaigns run with multiple bloggers to promote the same product. From different genres, age groups, and cities … this strategy ensures brands reach out to a wider audience and create a hype about the product as well.

2. They have great imagery

We have to admit - photos have the power to communicate way more! Most influencers understand this and follow the photograph-over-text format. Platforms like Instagram and Pinterest have actually made following bloggers ‘addictive’.

3. They are honest and give unadulterated reviews

While most bloggers do paid content, a lot of them aren’t obligated to write good things about the products they're advertising. They’re unafraid and give honest reviews about what they like and the brands they work with.

4. They’re approachable!


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Unlike celebrities, bloggers and digital influencers are relatable. Some of them are our classmates, cousins and even friends…this increases the engagement between the reader and the blogger - making what they market SO much more believable.

5. They’re a part of native advertising


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Because they weave a story around the product, their voice and physical presence make their format of advertising work better. Sponsored content works really well for brands as they’ve established that it’s their face that’s going to be selling the product to their reader.

6. They have a super engaged following

Bloggers usually start out slow and even blog alongside a full-time job! Digital influencers build their following over a course of time and numbers are the defining factor for their success or the projects they get to work on! The kind of content a blogger or even an Instagram influencer showcases usually shapes their following too.

7. Because it’s serious business!

If you thought bloggers are just having fun, you’re wrong! If you’ve got a reach of more than say 25,000 users and an audience that loves what you create, you can make anywhere from Rs 20,000 to Rs 50,000 per month through your blog! So if you’ve been passionate about starting that blog, this should be enough incentive. 

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