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10 Phases Of A Marriage - Which One Are *You* At?!

10 Phases Of A Marriage - Which One Are *You* At?!

All couples go through different phases in a marriage. Whether the match was arranged or you had a love marriage, there are a few common stages you will encounter. And truth be told, you will get through each of these. Some a little difficult to tackle and others a lot of fun, these phases of a marriage will ultimately only make your relationship even stronger. So go ahead, check them out!

1. The ‘just married’ phase

We’re talking about the first few days of marriage. When you’ve just tied the knot and you feel like you’re floating in this land of love and happiness and that this is the only thing you’ve ever wanted. It’s an amazing phase, one that you’ll want to remember all your life. Lots of love and sex and pampering and cuddling and happy smiles are guaranteed.

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2. The ‘family-family’ phase

After the ‘just married’ phase is over, you’ll find yourselves surrounded by family to an extent that spending some alone time together will be hard to find. The distant relatives will be dropping in to meet the newlywed couple and the dinner invites won’t stop pouring in. It might get a li’l too much at times but it’ll be over soon enough.

3. The ‘honeymoon’ phase

You’re a newlywed for a good 6-8 months after your wedding. And this phase can easily be referred to as the honeymoon phase. Not only will you take that much-awaited vacation but you’ll also find yourself hooked on to each other. The sex life will be great, work will take a backseat and you’ll both just want to enjoy all your time together. It’s that head over heels in love kinda feeling.

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4. The ‘getting to know each other’ phase

Even if you’ve known each other from much before the wedding, living together is a whole new thing. And this is when you start discovering new things about the other one. His bathroom habits, his tiny little mood swings, his emotional side… there is always so much to know. And trust us, you’ll sometimes even feel that he/ she is a whole new person. And you will still love this person for who he/ she is.  

5. The ‘let’s get to business’ phase

There comes a stage then, when you’ll both realize that it’s time to get back to work mode. As a couple, you make some important decisions about your future investments - house, car, holidays and set your goals to make it all a reality. And even if this does sound serious, this phase too will help mature your relationship and bring you closer together as a couple.

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6. The ‘landing’ phase

All that work will get the better of you sooner or later. From jointly running the house to hectic work hours and family responsibilities, you're bound to feel bogged down. You’ll probably not be taking as many vacations and even the time you spend together may not feel enough. But after every landing, the plane does take off again. So just hang in there!

7. The ‘make up’ phase

It’s basically that time when you both have had enough and feel the need to take a break. No, not from each other, but from everything else that has somewhat come in between your relationship. It’s that phase of surprising each other at work, gifting something fancy out of the blue and taking those long, lazy holidays just to be with each other.

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8. The ‘too much anger’ phase

Now don’t go by the name of this phase. It isn’t really all that bad after all. But truth be told, every couple does experience it. A phase where you’re both always in a snappy mood, you fight over the tiniest of things and never agree on the same thing. But worry not girl, because what follows a married couple fight is some hot make-up sex! *Wink*

9. The ‘baby talk’ phase

It’s when every other couple around you is having babies! And you two just have to get to the point of discussing it! Plus, your family is not sparing you either. And a big decision like this demands some good amount of discussion. You’ll find yourself eating, drinking, sleeping the baby talk.

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10. The ‘happily ever after’ phase

The point where you’ve both happily and jointly created a beautiful world of your own. And life is just the way it should be. There will still be ups and downs and some new challenges now and then, but in the end, you both know you have each other as your pillar of support for years to come.

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