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10 Sonam Kapoor Reactions For Every Kind Of Fashion Situation!

10 Sonam Kapoor Reactions For Every Kind Of Fashion Situation!

Fashion isn’t just a 7 letter word. For girls like us, it’s an emotion. And damn does this emotion land us in some truly unique situations! Who better than Sonam Kapoor to express the same? Dear fashionistas, here are 10 different fashion situations explained in Sonam Kapoor GIFs. We know you can relate to ALL of these!

1. When your outfit is so on point that you just have to selfie it

Because an outfit not clicked, is an outfit never worn!

1 different fashion situations

2. That moment when you surprise yourself with your mixing and matching skills…

…by putting together your old clothes to form a cool new look!  

2 different fashion situations

3. When bags aren’t just an accessory, they’re a source of happiness

And it’s your duty to make yourself the happiest!  

3 different fashion situations

4. Wearing a jumpsuit means getting naked if you want to go to the bathroom

Fashion - 1: You - 0.

4 different fashion situations   

5. When you know you look like a million bucks in that outfit

And all you need is paparazzi to capture it!

5 different fashion situations

6. The inability to wear your favourite dress because you’re not waxed!

The struggle is real!

6 different fashion situations

7. When your outfit is too good for the occasion!

Don’t we all know the pain of wasting a great outfit at the wrong party?

7 different fashion situations

8. Salary day means just one thing…

8 different fashion situations

Retail therapy!!  

9. That moment when you realise that a particular dress actually looks much better on you than you expected

So you check yourself out. One last time!

9 different fashion situations

10. That feeling of accomplishment when you and your friends make the best of sales

(and walk out like sass queens)

10 different fashion situations

GIFs: Giphy