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‘Stealthing’ Is The *New* Sex Trend EVERY Girl Must Know About!

‘Stealthing’ Is The *New* Sex Trend EVERY Girl Must Know About!

Imagine, having sex with someone with an agreement of using protection, only to find the betrayal of him removing the condom without your consent in the middle of the act.

Stealthing - Oh yes, it has a name, is a sex trend that’s not even sexy. Some partners are leaving their girls exposed to the risk of STIs and unsafe pregnancy. And as per a report documented by Columbia Journal Of Gender And Law, this insane practice is on a rise. Shocking, right? While it sounds like a cool thing for men to brag about later, it stands disrespectful to a woman. In the process, a guy removes the condom without a girl’s permission and it’s nothing less than being cheated on. And to top that, when a girl tries to speak up against any such incident, the question that’s thrown at her is - ‘Was it *actually* done without your consent?’ And that, we think is ridiculous.

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Alexandra Brodsky, Skadden Fellow at National Women's Law Center, has studied the issue in detail and is pushing to make the act illegal but as she puts it - ‘We know that the law doesn’t work for gender violence survivors.’ Although, it’s clearly a legal offense in the UK. Despite denying unprotected sex, some girls have suffered enough because of this trend and some might be keeping quiet. But girls, if you witness this around you, raise your voice against stealthing. It’s dangerous, disturbing and disrespectful. Period.