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10 Cute Relationship Rules That’ll Help Avoid ALL Fights!

10 Cute Relationship Rules That’ll Help Avoid ALL Fights!

Relationship rules or rituals are the main things that set one couple apart from the other. In all our years of observing people like it’s our main job, we’ve found that the happiest couples are the ones with the cutest little relationship rules. Here a list of some of them for you to take a leaf (or a kiss) out of. Read, learn, imbibe and watch your relationship become a no-war zone!

1. Good Morning Texts

Sounds pretty basic huh? But it’s a great way to tell your partner you thought of them first thing in the AM. Also, on a more practical note, once your work starts – it’s not possible to find time to send each other sweet nothings and before you know it, the whole day has passed you by! So stay in the safe zone and do send that morning text to avoid any stress during the day!

1 relationship rules - selena gomez texting

2. Kisses Galore!

You know that thing where you argue and he doesn’t argue back but kisses you to shut you up? Yeah, that.

3. Not going to bed angry

Most of us don’t have the luxury of living with our special someone before marriage. Hence, it’s even more important to communicate nicely before you fall asleep. In the same room, there’s scope to hug it out in the middle of the night. But digitally, you have to make the effort to resolve things.

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4. Funny Voice

Everyone has a funny/ baby voice. Deny it all you want, you’re not fooling us! Couples that go into that playful mood when things are getting out of hand have learnt to diffuse the situation before it turns ugly! Next time, use your funny voice when he least expects it and watch his expression change in an instant.

5. Makeup sex

Okay, we know there’s a fallacy here because technically this happens after a fight! But once you two make it a ritual, the fights will seem less earth-shattering and life changing because you both know what you’re about to do next. It’s like your dirty little secret.

5 relationship rules - couple kissing

6. Keep each other posted.

Tell him what you ate, or what the clouds look like at this very moment. Tell him what you overheard in the metro this morning. The point is to infuse a dose of whimsy in your day to day lives that’ll help you look more at the world and what’s going on than indulging in any drama amongst yourselves. Love is in these little random rituals, we are quite certain.

7. Sensitive topics must be handled with care

Smart couples know that there comes a time to deal with sensitive matters in all our lives. It’s normal, and natural, and part of the human experience. Hence, instead of freaking out at the thought of confrontation, they choose to make it peaceful. Late night drives are a great way to talk about something without being disturbed by people plus noises.

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8. Remembering important dates

This goes beyond birthdays and anniversaries – that is somehow a given when it comes to relationships. But remembering more dates that matter. Is it his grandmother’s death anniversary? Is it his mother’s birthday? Could be dates that he doesn’t want to make a big deal about but it’ll still matter to him that you remember. Similarly, he ought to also remember if you have a huge pitch presentation coming up! Couples that are in sync on important events and dates tend to argue the least.

9. Checking each other's schedules before making plans

Following up from the previous point, all happy couples have a healthy respect for each other’s time. So before you sign up for the weekend getaway with the whole gang, check with each other if the dates work. Great way to show respect toward each other, and much needed in today’s fast paced world!

9 relationship rules - couple holding hands

10. Social Media PDA

Now now, we know this is a controversial topic as a lot of couples overdo the online PDA which can get uncomfortable and laughable for the rest of us. But if the two of you have a simple rule to double tap on each other’s Instagram or like each other's Facebook posts, then you are avoiding *major* drama! It’s a virtual sign of saying “I got your back” and is kind of an adorable rule if you ask us!

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