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10 Aww-dorable Gestures That Will Make Him Feel *Loved*

10 Aww-dorable Gestures That Will Make Him Feel *Loved*

Why should the man always have the responsibility of surprising his lady love with romantic gestures? We have some ideas for romantic gestures that every woman can initiate for the most important person in her life to let him know how much he means to her and how much she loves him. Here are 10 cute gestures to make for your guy.

1. Surprise lunch at work

Surprise him by getting his favourite dish from his favourite restaurant delivered to him at work. This would instantly bring a big smile on his face. After all, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!

1- gestures to make for your guy- kid eating

2. A card for him

Make a cute ‘just wanted to say I love you’ card for him and leave it either on the passenger seat of his car or tie it with the steering wheel. You could also put in the card and the note in his office bag. This would surely be the best start to his day.

3. Book an activity/movie for him

Book tickets for a film you think he’d be excited to watch or join him in an activity that he has always been wanting to try. The combination of him finally getting to do what he wanted to do and having you by his side while doing that activity is just going to make him super happy!

3-gestures to make for your guy- couple holding hands

4. A trail of rose petals

The next time it is just the two of you at home, leave a trail of rose petals from the front door of your house till your bedroom. Wait for him in the bedroom while he comes back from a long and tiring day at work. We are sure all his tiredness would go away in a jiffy on finding you waiting for him!

5. Mail him a letter

Handwritten letters are the most romantic and nothing can replace them. Write him a letter and pen down your thoughts and emotions about him. Just before you are about to fold the letter, spray it with his favourite perfume of yours. Send this letter to him and let him be surprised with the beautiful love note.

5.gestures to make for your guy - writing a letter

6. Record a message on his phone

Record a message on your partner’s phone and save it. When you are not around him, set an alarm on his phone with a message that reads, “check your voice recorder”. Let him open the voice message you have left for him be happily surprised!

7. Dedicate a song for him

The next time you both are at a bar on karaoke night, go up on the stage, dedicate a song to him and sing it loud for him. Just remember to gulp down a few drinks to give yourself the courage to go on the stage and sing!

7 - gestures to make for your guy - singing

8. Wrap a gift for no reason

Surprise him with a random gift at a random time in the middle of the week or the month. It could be something small like his favourite PS3 game or a new book by his favourite author. Wrap the gift and leave a note saying, ‘just wanted to let you know how loved you are’!

9. Create a playlist for him

‘Where words fail, music speaks’. Create a playlist on his phone with songs you want to dedicate to him or put the songs on a USB and attach the same to his car’s music player. When he turns on the car and the music system, the songs would play automatically and would be the best music for his ears.

9- gestures to make for your guy- note

10. Say it with post-it

Leave little notes for him all over the house. Put one on the bathroom mirror, one on the fridge and one inside his gym bag. Let him be pleasantly surprised when he goes all over the house finding these cute love messages left for him.

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Published on Jul 19, 2017
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