10 Adorable Couple Goals EVERY Girl Wants To Nail With Bae!

10 Adorable Couple Goals EVERY Girl Wants To Nail With Bae!

There are a few things that are on every couple’s bucket list! Be it things that are as small as going for a late night ice-cream date or waking up for that long drive in the rain! Here are 10 couple goals every girl cannot wait to nail with bae!

1. Take a staycation

Because what’s better than a vacation? A staycation! Get out of your mundane routines and stay in a fancy hotel to just de-stress.

1 couple goals - anne hathaway and jake gyllenhaal

2. Gor for an adventure

Yes, ANY adventure. It’s a thrill worth seeking, guys!

3. Take a bubble bath together

Bathtub bubble bath is romance goals and it really doesn’t get better than diving into a hot tub of water and just relaxing with the one you love!

3 couple goals - couple in bathtub

4. Complimentary outfits

This is really really cute and is something everyone will remember! But still, take tons of pictures!

5. Work out together

A couple that works out together stays together! Right, ladies?!

5 couple goals - nina dobrev surprising guy

6. Give each other a crazy surprise

Like filling the room with roses and a fridge full of beer! Basically, anything that you both love!

7. Go out for that perfect breakfast date!

Dinner dates are so passe, the real deal is if you and your bae can wake up and go for a full-fledged brekkie date.

7 couple goals - couple having tea

8. Cook together!

It shows how well you both can work as a team. Go on, bring out the chopping boards!

9. Show some social media love

Who doesn’t love that couple who’s always the first to comment on each others pictures?!

9 couple goals - couple clicking selfie

10. Bond with each other’s family

At least with the sibling and cousins, initially! Be it taking a trip with them or just going out for a nice, grand dinner. This one will surely be one worth achieving!

Which one of these have you done already?

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