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Confessions Of A Girl Who Enjoys Quickies!

Confessions Of A Girl Who Enjoys Quickies!

As a girl who has been romantic at heart probably from the moment she was born, I enjoyed my sex life slow and steady too. It always had to be romantic with candles and chocolates and the guy wooing me slowly. Every kiss should be felt and every touch should feel like it could last a lifetime.

All my life I disregarded the power of quickies and claimed I would never be a girl who loves to have quickies. Until, I actually had one.

It all started when my boyfriend got late. He was supposed to visit me at my place while my parents were not home but he got caught up in college and was late by an hour. For obvious reasons, I was furious. Not only was the breakfast I cooked for him cold by then but we had an hour less with each other. The initial phase of love is like that, I guess, you crave every minute you can spend with each other and get furious when you can’t get any time.

However, me being furious meant that even after he came, we spent the whole time fighting and didn’t even realize when evening came. ‘Look, now it’s time for my parents to come home!’ I cribbed. ‘Yes and I didn’t even get to kiss you once!’ he replied. ‘Well, you can kiss me once and leave.’ I said turning my back towards him. He hugged me and turned me around to face him and planted a long deep kiss on my lips.

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Well, there was no going back from there. The power of a make-up kiss is just AMAZING. And we were both all over each other before we even realized. There was hardly any foreplay and there was definitely nothing slow about it. In fact, in the heat of th moment, we were both done in 15 minutes - but it has to be best sex I have ever had!

Even after he was gone, I kept thinking about how awesome it was and my opinion about quick sex or quickies changed drastically. So much so that I love having quickies now! Especially when he grabs me by my waist when I least expect it... It’s the best!

Yes, quickies don’t leave much time for a connection to be made but when they are with somebody with whom you already have a connection, they could be heavenly! And that’s the formula I go by, it’s short and simple, pure unadulterated sex and a great stress-buster!

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