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13 Compliments Your Hubby Would *Love* To Hear More Often!

13 Compliments Your Hubby Would *Love* To Hear More Often!

Women love attention and never tire of compliments. And men are not too far behind! They too like to bask in attention and being appreciated makes them feel all the more special! We list down 13 compliments to give to your husband and you’ll guaranteed have him blushing!

1. ‘I am so glad I married you’

Men also need to feel secure in a marriage. Telling him you made the right decision by marrying him and are happy to have him by your side, will surely make him feel proud of himself!

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2. ‘You can always make me laugh’

Men love being told that they have a good sense of humour and that they have the capability to make their woman smile and laugh! Let him know how he has the power to always lighten up your day and bring a smile to your face, no matter what your mood is!

3. Thank you for being Mr. Fix-It’

Without doubt, he is the one who solves all your problems. Right from the little tiff with the MIL or the broken hair dryer, he has a solution for everything! Thank him for always being there for you and helping you out of any situation or problem.

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4. ‘You look so cute in pink’

The next time he is getting ready for work and is wearing a pink shirt, surprise him by letting him know how the colour really suits him and how you envy the girls in office! Trust us, he would be SO happy hearing this! Remind him often about how handsome he is.

5. ‘I am proud of you’

Being supported and appreciated by his wife for his efforts at work and home, makes a man feel very happy about himself. Compliment him often and tell him how proud you are of him. Also make it a point to tell him that he is someone you could talk about endlessly because of his personality and nature.

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6. ‘I want you’

There might be times when your husband is the one who makes the first move to get intimate and physical in the relationship. But men also want women to take control and make the first move. Drop him a message while he is at work telling him about how a surprise waits for him at home and how much you want him! This will make him feel wanted by his most favourite woman!

7. ‘I love how you make me feel’

When a man knows that he is doing something right to keep his wife happy, it will be the biggest and the best confidence booster! Tell him repeatedly about how good he makes you feel and he will be eager to continue making you feel this way!

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8. ‘Thank you’

We often thank our partners for the big things they do. But don’t forget to thank your husband  for the little things he does. If he comes home early from work and buys fruits on the way, thank him. These two small words of kindness will go a long way.

9. ‘I trust you’

Trust is at the core of any relationship. It is important for the couple to continue making each other feel that they have blind trust and faith in each other. Compliment your man often and let him know that you trust him with all the decisions he makes and that you will always be there for him. This will also bring security in your relationship.

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10. ‘I feel safe with you’

Let your husband know how his presence makes you feel so safe and how you admire that. Thank him for being your buffer and always standing by your side.

11. ‘I appreciate all that you do for our family’

Just like it gets difficult for you to create a balance between your parents and his, he too has to do the same. Appreciate and thank him for how he manages both the sides so well and how he often makes an effort with your family.

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12. ‘You are so strong’

It’s an instant confidence boost for a man when he is told he is strong. If he is helping you carry the grocery bags up the stairs or pushes the furniture from one point to another, thank him for being the superman in your life. If he is working and is sweating it out in the gym, compliment him and tell him how you can see a difference in his body and how the workout is showing results!

13. ‘I love you’

Say it loudly and proudly to him. Remind him often about how loved he is, both verbally and through your actions!

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