10 Communication Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make In A Relationship

10 Communication Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make In A Relationship

Sometimes, even the best of orators and people who are awesome communicators, end up making common mistakes while communicating with their partner. What they don’t realize is that those communication mistakes might just be ruining their relationship. Here are 10 such mistakes that you should stop making, just in case you are making them!

1. Using the big ‘I’

Because love is always about the ‘we’... remember? So if you are often saying ‘I did this or I think you should do this’, it spells PROBLEM in very bold, capital letters.

2. Using the wrong tone

Are you often raising your voice or using a pitch that indicates dominating behaviour? You might want to re-think that. Such a tone only leads to negative consequences.

3. Not listening to him

Communication is not the same as talking. It’s a two way street and if you are talking, you need to listen too!

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4. Avoiding conversation

Is there a problem that you aren’t discussing with him? Or maybe you are just not getting the response you want? Whatever the reason, do know that avoiding a situation is never the solution. So make sure you do talk to him about whatever situation you are in, no matter how tricky.

5. Being too intrusive

Are you asking too many questions? Good and not-so-good ones, half-unnecessary ones, totally not required ones? Just like how I am asking you right now ones? Time to take a step back. Opening up to your partner is something that takes time and for good reason. You don’t want to know or tell everything in one go. Slow and steady wins the race, after all!

6. Taking his opinion for granted

Are you being a little careless about what he think and wants in the relationship and otherwise? That’s never good. You might be listening to what he says but always putting what he wants as second priority. Sometimes, you just need to give more loving than what you get.

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7. Not making eye contact

Whatever the situation, are you looking away when talking to him? Are you avoiding his eyes? It’s a clear case of disrespect for his feelings or plain lying. Or at least, that’s what he might be thinking. So make sure you are looking into his eyes when talking, it shows that you trust him.

8. Interrupting often

So you do listen to what he says but often butt in with remarks or your own anecdotes before he gets a chance to finish? Well, that’s just rude now, isn’t it?

9. Making assumptions

You assume he didn’t message because he was out partying or you assume he just doesn’t want to talk to you. Why not ask instead? Not giving him a chance to explain his situation before you decided to make your assumption is the root cause of all problems!

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10. Expecting your partner to know things

Just because he is your partner doesn’t mean he will magically know everything that’s on your mind. Besides, there is no harm in expressing what you don’t like, when you are not comfortable or when you feel hurt because of something he did. It’s anyday better than waiting for him to guess it on his own!

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