8 Celeb Beauty Secrets That Will Make You Go WHAT?!

8 Celeb Beauty Secrets That Will Make You Go WHAT?!

While some of these are downright gross, others are unheard of -  celebrities all over the world try all things possible to get fabulous, glowing skin! We spill the beans on some intriguing celebrity beauty secrets. See for yourself which ones you’d like to try as part of your beauty regime just like these stars did, to get closer to perfect skin.

1. Milk it up

While we search in stores for the best facial cleansers, Sonakshi Sinha chooses to go au naturale as she uses milk to wash her face. The protein content in the milk nourishes her skin and cleanses it well too. Even her face scrub is made from almonds and cloves crushed in milk. Smelly perhaps, but fab for Sona’s skin for sure!

2. Hello, sheep placenta facials


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Of all the weirdest, bordering gross, beauty treatments, this one might leave you cringing just a tad. Victoria Beckham swears by the sheep placenta facial! Yes ladies, as part of this facial, sheep placenta is used as the core ingredient and it gives Posh’s face that healthy glow and firm skin. Would we dare try this?

3. Face packs made with clay


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Face packs made with mineral clay is Katrina Kaif’s beauty mantra. This helps her tackle oily skin and any sort of breakouts. Simple and easy, isn’t it?

4. Cucumber as moisturizer?

Talking about celebrity beauty secrets, who wouldn’t want to know what Ash does to look drop dead gorgeous?! Well, this beauty queen chooses to use all things natural - she moisturizes her face with crushed cucumber! Who knew the best moisturizer was in each of our refrigerators, right?!

5. Cinnamon oil for that pout

If you thought getting that perfect pout is a monumental task, Lisa Rinna’s method is going to leave you floored. The Hollywood star applies cinnamon oil on her lips to give them a plumped up look. However ladies, make it a point do a patch test before trying this.  

6. Puffy eyes? Go for hemorrhoid cream!


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Many of us wouldn’t be cool about displaying this as part of a beauty kit, but Sandra Bullock swears by it. She keeps those undereye bags at bay by applying hemorrhoid cream on the area on a daily basis. No wonder she looks so fresh and fab!

7. Ice ice, baby!

A cold water splash is so refreshing and ice cubes packed in a muslin cloth and pressed against your face can make your skin go from drab to fab. Don’t believe us? Jacky’s skin looks so supple and glowy at all times because she does exactly that! She does this especially on her cheeks and undereye area for an even tone.

8. Heard of Vampire Facials?


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This is probably the mother of all facials. And ladies, even if Kim swore never to get this painful one done again, the benefits are supposed to be awesome. For this facial, blood was drawn from her arms, spun in a machine to remove the platelets, and then injected into her face with tiny acupuncture needles. It may sound for the light-hearted, but it’s gained popularity to help rejuvenate the skin.