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If You Were Jasmine, Who’d Be Your Pick For Disney’s Aladdin?

If You Were Jasmine, Who’d Be Your Pick For Disney’s Aladdin?

Disney has decided to make a live-action remake of the hit 1992 cartoon, Aladdin. But, it seems that the studio and casting team are having trouble finding leads for the movie. Hollywood has often faced trouble casting brown actors in the lead roles. The team was supposed to start shooting in July but as they are not able to cast proper leads for the film, the project has been stalled. Apparently, the team has auditioned quite a lot of actors from the Middle East and South Asia but none of them seem to appeal them, which we find so weird! Disney claims that they can’t find an actor who has a background in both singing and dancing, but twitter wasn’t ready to buy this as they found it to be completely ridiculous.

1. She is absolutely right!

1 bollywood actors who could play aladdin - jenny yang tweet

Source: Jenny Yang on Twitter

2. Disney, are you listening?

2 bollywood actors who could play aladdin - kumail nanjiani tweet

Source: Kumail Nanjiani on Twitter

3. Don’t you want to cast us, Disney?

3 bollywood actors who could play aladdin - hari kondabolu tweet

Source: Hari Kondabolu on Twitter

People on twitter had a lot of suggestions when it came to finding a lead actor for Aladdin. So, we at POPxo decided to come up with our own favourites for the role, have a look!

1. Hrithik Roshan

He’s the ‘Greek God of Bollywood’, and rightly so. He can sing, he can dance, and he can act - Hrithik would be the perfect choice! Disney should definitely consider him for the role.

2. Dev Patel

2a bollywood actors who could play aladdin - dev patel

Image: Shutterstock

This guy has transformed SO much in the last few years and has given some of the great performances, plus he has that rugged vibe that is perfect for the character. So why not him, Disney?

3. Fawad Khan

A post shared by Fawad A Khan (@fawadkhan81) on

Come on, Disney, Fawad has already slayed the role of a Prince in Khoobsurat and it’s only natural to cast him as Aladdin. What say?

4. Shahid Kapoor

A post shared by Shahid Kapoor (@shahidkapoor) on

We’ll let the picture do the talking!

So, if YOU were Jasmine, who’d you pick?

Published on Jul 13, 2017
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