10 Body Language Hacks To Feel More *Confident* In Bed!

10 Body Language Hacks To Feel More *Confident* In Bed!

Now, we know that while we all enjoy sex, it can mean putting in tons of effort sometimes. And while putting in those efforts you are bound to screw up now and then. Well, that’s okay because we’ve got 10 body language hacks to make you feel more confident during sex! How amazing does that sound?!

1. Flip your hair open

As sexy as a high ponytail might seem, things just get so much saucier when you undo your hair. Add a flip to it and you’re good to go with that super hot bedhead look!

1 body language hacks - flipping hair friends

2. Bite your lower lip lightly

It’s really the easiest things to do to feel more confident in bed. And you hardly ever get it wrong. Just lightly bite or purse your lower lip when talking to him or even when the two of you share a look.

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3. Smile a little

Or more than just a little! The more you smile and laugh, the more confident you will feel. It’s as simple as that. So if you want to LOL about something he just said, don’t hold yourself back wondering what he’ll think. You do you, girl, the rest will be taken care of!

3 body language hacks - shy smile

4. Make tons of eye contact

Eye contact is super important. You can’t be having sex and looking in two different directions now, right? (Unless, you know, the position calls for it!) So just make sure you’re looking him in the eye whenever you’re pulling off a sexy move.

5. When walking away, push out your hips just a little

Let’s just say there is no harm in giving him a view he won’t ever forget. Excuse yourself to go to the washroom for a minute right when things are getting hot and while walking out, push your hips out just a little bit extra.

5 body language hacks - beyonce walking away

6. Say hello to power poses

Power poses are not only to be used while getting pictures clicked. You can actually use them in the bedroom as well. Place one firm hand on your waist, let the other be free and give him that sultry smile. (Of course, you’re allowed to use the other hand for whatever purpose you like... How about to pull him closer, huh?)

7. Chin up, buttercup!

Check yourself out in the mirror with your chin up and you’ll know what we are talking about! Now, we don’t mean start looking up in the sky but if you just push your chin a teeny tiny bit upwards, you feel like you are walking in the clouds while also giving enough emphasis to that sexy neck of yours!

7 body language hacks - hot new girl

8. Put your legs to good use

There is a reason you were given those beauties (and no, it’s not just for walking). Your legs can work as a great way to build confidence. Just bare them and place them on top of each other if you’re sitting down or any other position that flatters your body and you’re all set!

9. Show off your curves

Don’t hide those awesome curves. Have you ever tried the ‘front bending, hips jutting out’ pose on the bed? If not then you absolutely have to. It not only shows off your curves but also makes you feel super sexy!

9 body language hacks - jennifer lawrence sexy

10. Straighten that back

The correct posture is very important for feeling confident. And that applies to every part of your life, not just the bedroom. Straighten your back when sitting in front (or on top of him) and see the confidence build up in yourself!

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