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The *Coolest* Insta-Beauty Trends That Are Here To Stay!

The *Coolest* Insta-Beauty Trends That Are Here To Stay!

We are halfway through the year and the beauty circuit is already popping with some amazing trends. Instagram has turned into a 'Beauty Bible', of sorts, hasn’t it? It is for this reason that most of us start browsing through the explore page of the app as soon as we wake up every morning to check out all that’s going on in the beauty world. After doing some daily research, we bring to you a roundup of some awesome Instagram beauty trends that are riding the wave.

1. Neon Eye Makeup

This trend is amazing because while you can still look at a full face of this trend and not cringe, you can incorporate it into your daily routine with something as simple as a neon eyeliner. Pro tip: Just use a white eyeliner before you use the neon so the colours pop!

2. Holographic Hair

This trend began last year with accessories, and then it made its way into the beauty industry with highlighters and eye makeup. Holographic makeup is makeup with understated shining properties that give out an iridescent glow. Now, this trend has made it’s way into hair colour and we think it looks gorgeous!

3. Unicorn Nails

Unicorn everything hit the beauty industry hard last year and before we get over the gorgeousness of it all, they finally brought us these amazing nail dos. This is the perfect combination of a holographic base and shades of unicorn pink and purple.

4. LED Lashes


A post shared by Trevor Rigby (@hollywoodconductor) on

This trend has confounded us, Designer Tien Pham from Sweden, unveiled his light-up LED F.Lashes at tech exhibition Maker Faire in California, earlier in the month. The colour-changing, interactive strip eyelashes are attached to your lids using regular glue. These are illuminated by a tiny battery, which is connected to each strip by two invisible wires and attached to your head using discreet hair clips.

5. Bright Hair


A post shared by #PRAVANA (@pravana) on

This is one trend you should definitely try at some point. The brighter the better, we say. Also, we like how the hair colour spectrum is expanding - vibrant oranges, blues, reds, et al.

6. Foil Freckles


A post shared by MR. KATE 👀 (@mrkatedotcom) on

We LOVE the fact that everyone is embracing flaws as a beauty trend and it is great. We started off with glitter freckles, and now the subtlety has brought in foil freckles. Thumbs up to that!

7. Floral Eyeliner


A post shared by Lavika Shetty (@lavikashetty) on

This one looks just so pretty, we had to include it in this list. You will need to be an artist to recreate this magnificence, but if you can manage it, this is THE trend to try!

8. Cereal Hair


A post shared by Amanda Gilkes (@amandavshair) on

Again for the bright hair lovers, this trend has been popping up on our Instagram feed. This trend that loosely matches the various colours and vibrancy of fruit loops is definitely one for the books. So eye-catching!

Just can’t wait to see what else 2017 has in store for us, beauty geeks!

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Published on Jul 24, 2017
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