Can’t Keep Track Of Your Period? You Need To Check Out This App!

Can’t Keep Track Of Your Period? You Need To Check Out This App!

If you’re anything like me, your period is goddamn ANNOYING! Apart from being painful and irritating, it is also unpredictable and moody (just like me, on my period). Keeping a track of it is hard work. I’ve had days when Aunt Flo has surprised me with a visit and there have been times when my period has been delayed by weeks. I’m a busy child and I cannot possibly keep track of my period without help. Kidding, I can, but you bet I’m not going to because I’m lazy like that. Enter my life saver, The Period Tracker by GP International. It’s available on both, Android and iOS and does a little more than what the name says - it tracks your period and a few other important period-related things! I’ve been using this app for over 3 years now and I’m totally in love!

Let’s talk about the first and the most important feature. Once you’ve fed in your personal data for past 2-3 months, it automatically predicts your next period date and the first thing that shows up when you open the app is the number of days to your next period and the expected date. Once you start your period, you just tap on the ‘period just started’ tab and that’s it, the app takes care of the rest. Amazing, right? I know!

1 period tracker app

The few things that totally won me over and I use regularly, are the ‘symptoms’ and ‘moods’ features. You can choose from 36 moods, ranging from ‘angry’ to ‘in love’, for what you’ve been feeling throughout the day. Symptoms range from ‘acne’ to ‘nausea’ and you can even mark the intensity of the symptoms. These two features have helped track my period better. Now that I’ve been tracking for so long, I know the exact symptoms of my periods even if Mother Nature decides to prepone or postpone her monthly visit!

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Another feature that I like, but don’t really use, is that it even shows the days I’m going to be fertile and the day of ovulation. You can also mark in the calendar if you’ve been indulging in some sexy time! It has a ‘trying to conceive’ mode too. I’ve never used it but I’m sure it’ll be useful to those who are trying to get pregnant!

3 period tracker app

I have only one teeny-tiny complaint. If you have PCOS or are just conscious of your weight and want to track it, you need to download Period Tracker Deluxe, which is a paid purchase. But then, there are no free passes in the world. There are almost-free passes though (like this app). And those ads, those pesky Google ads!

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