Beauty Secrets: The One Mascara I’m Never Letting Go Of!

Beauty Secrets: The One Mascara I’m Never Letting Go Of!

As an Editor at the biggest women-centric platform in India, I’m constantly checking out new products. Day after day, I’m asked to think, talk, write about beauty and fashion. Oh sorry, does it sound like I’m complaining? Scouring through blogs, flipping through magazines, stalking Instagram bloggers - is a part of my job description and I love it!

After years of (self-motivated) research, I’m the go-to person for any fashion/ beauty woes. So when I tell you that I’ve found the best mascara, I’d take my word for it. *Wink*

Benefit’s named their best product (yes, I’ve tried quite a few) after the sentence you’re most likely to use after applying it - ‘I Swear They’re Real!’. It’s that one product that gives my lashes a ton of volume, without making them look clumpy. It comes with a brilliant wand, with thick bristles as well as smaller ones to tackle the tiny lashes.

The power of a perfect mascara is that it has the ability to make your eyes look wider, instantly. It’s a simple, subtle change to your look and makes a massive difference. Want to check it out for yourself? Pick it up here!

On a Monday morning, when I’m at my lazy best, I put on a swipe of it, slather on some sunscreen and I’m ready to take on the week!