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The MOST Low-Maintenance Ways To Keep Your Hair Perfect!

The MOST Low-Maintenance Ways To Keep Your Hair Perfect!

For a girl who’s looking to take care of her precious locks in the most low-maintenance way possible, you’ve come to the right place! We offer you tips that are simple to follow and are the kind you’ll want to include in your regular hair care routine ASAP. Whether it’s for the super busy bee or the girl who’s forever running late, we think this guide will serve as your most precious piece of advice. Without burning a hole in your pocket and saving you time, these are the best low-key hair maintenance tips to keep your mane looking perfect. Good luck, ladies!

Hair Tip 1. Going short isn’t always a good idea

It’s a common misconception that short hair is easier to manage than long locks. To be honest, super short hairstyles tend to work only on certain hair textures and can be quite difficult to manage. To maintain hair, use of proper styling products and getting regular trims is essential. Hence it’s safe to stick to medium length hair because when you’re having a bad hair day or running late, you can always tie a ponytail or a bun and look effortlessly chic.  

Hair Tip 2. Protect your ends always!

2 low maintenance hair tips split ends

If you want to extend your time between salon visits, you’ve gotta learn how to protect your ends. The key is to shampoo less and condition more. As a substitute, you can also try using dry shampoo. Once a week, pamper your strands to a deep conditioner treatment. Making this hair maintenance ritual a habit will ensure that your locks stay hydrated at all times. Plus, it will keep the split ends at bay.

Hair Tip 3. Take a break from using hot styling tools

No matter how tempted you feel to use a hairdryer and straightener, please don’t. It damages your strands by drying them out, causing breakage and destroying its natural texture. If you can’t stop using hot styling tools, make sure that you’re using a heat protectant product, this hair maintenance tip will keep your locks protected from heat and damage like a pro!

Hair Tip 4. Style your hair before you go to sleep

4 low maintenance hair tips bed hair

One way to wake up to beautiful hair is to style it before you hit the sack. It will save you time in the morning and your hair will look gorgeous all day long. After washing your hair at night, apply a smoothing serum and split your hair into two sections. Twist each side back and wrap them up into two loose, neat buns. In the morning, you’ll wake up to baby soft, wavy hair. You’ve got to try it to believe it.

Hair Tip 5. Lots of layers aren’t cool

Remember girls, heavy, choppy layers require you to see your hairstylist more often. Sure short layers look bold and flattering, but if not looked after, you could fall victim to hair frizz. If you don’t have the time for that, stick to a blunt cut with long layers. It’s easier to manage and style.

Hair Tip 6. Don’t stray too far away from your natural colour

6 low maintenance hair tips colour hair

Any hair colour that’s either too dark or too light will require frequent touch ups and trips to the salon. This is why we urge you to stick to a shade that’s as close to your natural hair colour. By following this tip, you’ll not only save your bucks and maintain your hair, but you also won’t have to do root touch-ups often.

Hair Tip 7. Try the parting experiment

Experimenting with your part costs nothing, but it does give your hair an instant makeover! It adds volume and makes your hair look lovely without chopping it off. Try a new parting style everyday and we bet that after few tries, you’ll find your signature hairstyle *Wink*  

Hair Tip 8. Befriend the leave-in conditioner

8 low maintenance hair tips leave in conditioner

The main goal of a leave-in conditioner is to ease the complex process of styling. It works perfect for women who aren’t fans of styling their hair on a regular basis. You’ll love this hair maintenance technique because it provides moisture to dry hair and keeps your locks smooth and hydrated making your mane look fresh and vibrant for the entire day.

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