10 Secrets Of Girls Whose Eyeliner Is ALWAYS On Fleek!

10 Secrets Of Girls Whose Eyeliner Is ALWAYS On Fleek!

So many eyeliner styles out there, and you aren’t being able to get even the basic one right? We totally understand your plight, girl. It can be a bit tricky - to get that one stroke of eyeliner on-point, and then to replicate it on the other eyelid. What makes this even more annoying is when you come across someone whose eyeliner is always on fleek! Here’s some help from our end. We spill the beans and give you the 10 secrets these women with the perfect liner are keeping from you - these eyeliner tips will make you a pro at it!

1. They keep their hands nice and steady

1-  eyeliner tips- girl applying eyeliner

Keeping your hand steady is rule number 1, when applying eyeliner. The best would be that you seat yourself in front of a mirror and rest your elbow on your dresser to get the angle right and make your hand movement more steady.

2. They figure what eyeliner type they’re comfy with

There are liquid eyeliners, pencil eyeliners, gel ones and some with a felt tip too. It’s best to test all the types and see which one is the most convenient for you. One that stays in place all day even if you have oily eyelids, and is easy for you to apply.

3. They never stretch their eyelids to apply liner

3-  eyeliner tips- girl putting eyeliner

Stretching your eyelid and applying liner is among the biggest mistakes you’re making when applying liner. This is because once you let go of your eyelid, the eyeliner will not look neat as the skin will collect in some places, making it uneven. Simply close your eye and then apply liner as you watch on with the other eye.

4. They always use short and quick strokes

Swiping on eyeliner in one long stroke is a technique that has maximum room for error. Use short strokes and you will manage to make it even and smooth.

5. They are always open to eyeliner tools

5.  eyeliner tips - girl with funky eyeliner

Be it wearing scotch tape on the outer corner of your eye to nail the winged eyeliner style or eyeliner stencils - you shouldn’t be averse to trying these tools and tricks. They’ll only help you ace the eyeliner style you want to flaunt.

6. Primer is a must for them

Using eyeshadow primer is a smart move if you want the eyeliner to look amazing all day long. This will prep the eyelids for eyeliner application and the oiliness in the area won’t wipe out the liner too soon. Dusting on some loose powder on top of the liner will also seal it in perfectly.

7. They’ve practised enough

7 -  eyeliner tips - cateye liner

Well, some people are just born with the talent, and others have acquired it after lots of practice. They probably got it wrong in the beginning and continued to try till it was perfect. Same goes for you, ladies. No matter how bad it is, apply it as often as you can because, as they say, practice really does make perfect.

8. Patience is their mantra

You’ve got to have time at hand to get this right. Having a steady hand is tough when you’re in a rush and want to get over and done with it. Also, if it does go horribly wrong, the option to wipe it off and start over should always be open. Patience is key, ladies.

9. They always have Q-tips handy

9 -  eyeliner tips- gold and black eyeliner

For that extra bit of eyeliner on the corner of one eye or some that got dotted onto your waterline by mistake, can play spoilsport for your awesome eyeliner style. Keep Q-tips handy at all times in such a case. Dip one in any cream or lotion and wipe off whatever needs to be rectified.

10. They don’t stress about it

The more you think about it and are conscious about getting it wrong, the worse your eyeliner is going to turn out. So, take it easy, ladies, and you’ll do just fine.

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