‘Fernweh’ & 9 Other Words That Have *Beautiful* Meanings!

‘Fernweh’ & 9 Other Words That Have *Beautiful* Meanings!

Words fill a strange void in us. What would have otherwise remained unsaid, rolls out of our tongue at a moment’s notice, letting us express ourselves to the best of our abilities. But do you sometimes feel like you can’t describe your feelings in English words? We do too. Hence, here are some words from different languages that have utterly beautiful meanings!

1. Forelsket

Language: Norwegian

Meaning: You know that phase of an infatuation where you really really like someone, but aren’t in love with them yet? In Norway, the word used to describe that is Forelsket.

2. Fernweh

Language: German

Meaning: Have you ever felt a deep sense of wanderlust? Have you ever missed a place you’ve never been to? That feeling is called Fernweh.

3. Meraki

Language: Greek

Meaning: This one is for them creative souls! When you do something you love, and leave a part of yourself in your work, in Greek the term for that is Meraki.

3 words from different languages

4. Gigil

Language: Filipino

Meaning: In Phillippines, Gigil means to squeeze or pinch something which is downright adorable. Now, we all have experienced this, haven’t we?

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5. Laotong

Language: Mandarin, China

Meaning: This one is sure to connect with you and your besties! Laotong means a special friendship between two girls which is like that of kindred sisters.

6. Shemomedjamo

Language: Georgian

Meaning: The word Shemomedjamo would ring true with all foodies. It means eating even after you feel full because the food is just so tasty.

6 words from different languages

7. Tidsoptimist

Language: Swedish

Meaning: Don’t we all have that one friend who is always running late? Tidsoptimist is someone who is not quite great at managing time and always think they have more time than they actually do!

8. Goya

Language: Urdu

Meaning: When a story is so effective in its suspension of disbelief, that it feels like reality.

9. La Douleur Exquise

Language: French

Meaning: This phrase literally translates into ‘the exquisite pain’ referring to a pain that cannot be dulled and usually used to describe the feeling of being hurt by someone you love.

9 words from different languages

10. Pana Po’o

Language: Hawaiian

Meaning: If you are quite forgetful and tend to misplace things and take some time to remember - Pana Po’o would be the word to describe yourself!

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