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13 ‘Bad Girl’ Traits Every Guy Secretly Wants In His Girl!

13 ‘Bad Girl’ Traits Every Guy Secretly Wants In His Girl!

Okay, ladies! It’s an odd observation - but men find ‘bad girls’ irresistible. Especially when you’re getting down and dirty in bed with them. If you know what we mean? *Wink*

These tiny traits make you a girl that he has a hard time getting out of his head. Here’s a list of 13 bad girl traits for the next time you meet your guy!

1. Doing something unexpected

As much as you find comfort in the consistency of your sex life, guys like it when you do something completely unexpected. In the long run, they love it because every day is a new day and every session becomes exciting!

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2. Being the dominant one

Most men love it when women take control in bed. Be the dominant one and tell him what to do and how to turn you on. Trust us - he’ll love you taking charge!

3. Making that extra effort to look flawless

Even though things get a bit messy during the act, it never hurts to make an effort to look nice *before* you begin. A pair of high heels, sexy lingerie and tousled hair - bring out the big guns!  Pro tip: a red lipstick will always work - no matter what you’re wearing (or not wearing.)  *Wink*

4. Keep things flirty

Be it a new relationship, or an old one - flirting with your significant other never gets old. In fact, it gets hotter and hotter every time. Woo him like you’re seeing him for the first time and say things you have never said before!

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5. Being confident

Men love women who can stand up for themselves, the ones who are not afraid to show what they are made up of. Yes, this is not just a trait they admire in bed. Be a confident woman who fears nothing and you will get his heart racing...

6. Try out new things

Unless it’s something that makes you downright uncomfortable - be a ‘yes’ girl. Initiate a new position every time you guys are together. Find new and creative ways to turn boring dates into something ah-mazing!

7. Get naughty

Use a spanking stick, some handcuffs or a blindfold. Light a few scented candles and whisper your ultimate fantasy in his ear. Guys love sex and they love it when women add a bit of kink, just for them!

8. Being blunt and independent

They love girls who can speak their minds, know what they want and strive really hard to achieve it. They want to know that they’re with someone who can take care of themselves.

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9. A woman who creates her own magic

Real women know how to get sh*t done and they are very passionate about what they are doing with their lives. Just so you know, guys find it really really sexy!

10. A fiery conversation

We’re all suckers for good conversations! We love someone who we can spend hours and hours talking, without getting bored. So, a woman who can hold an intelligent conversation to keep him occupied is definitely worth a keep!

11.  Not being easily intimidated

A self-assured girl knows that she is fabulous and she is very well aware of her weaknesses too. Guys love that quality in women they are with!

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