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This Bachelorette Trip To SPAIN Will Give You Major #SquadGoals!

This Bachelorette Trip To SPAIN Will Give You Major #SquadGoals!

Call it a bachelorette party or an all girls trip, but this is one party before the wedding that no girl should ever miss. One last time, going all out and crazy with your besties as you celebrate your upcoming wedding. Talking about bachelorettes, the Kapoor sisters at POPxo were recently a part of one very crazy one! Ragini Kapoor, Sales Manager, and Rukmini Kapoor, Graphic Designer took a trip to Spain to celebrate their best friend, Lotika’s bachelorette. And the pictures tell us that the girls really did have a blast! Over to Ragini now…

1 bachelorette party

That’s Rukmini and Ragini sitting pretty in Sevilla. Loving Rukmini’s Forever 21 dress and Ragini’s Bershka jumpsuit.

17th June - 25th June, undoubtedly the most amazing nine days of my life. I will never forget the madness that these 9 days were! Also, the overload of emotions, the endless hugs, the crazy talks and so much more. It took us a good three months of planning and of course, saving up for this trip of a lifetime. My best friend, Lotika is getting married, and so, we had to take that much-awaited all girls trip. Having known each other for more than a decade, we had always discussed (and dreamt!) about each tiny detail of our wedding - the dance, the venue, the food, the clothes and most importantly, our bachelorette trip. Lotika had always wanted to do Spain and Spain it was! So 8 of us girls set out for a trip we knew we’d remember all our lives! We travelled to three cities - Barcelona, Mallorca and Seville.

2 bachelorette party

That’s all of us in the beautiful city of Seville!!

3 bachelorette party

And that’s me on the right with my gorgeous best friend and bride-to-be, Lotika

All of us girls made sure that we had something special planned for the bride-to-be. And that included some crazy, fun games and pub crawls in each of the cities. But what was even better were our customized swimsuits! Yeah, we all wore swimsuits that read ‘Squad’ and spent hours lazing around at the beach in them. We even had the cutest ‘Oh-Shit’ kits made for all the bridesmaids and the bride. The kit included the squad swimsuit  along with shot glasses, party smarts, face masks and the works! Oh, and for the bride, we had a special swimsuit that read, ‘In case I get lost, send me to my squad’.

4 bachelorette party

Cheers Beaches! Loving our sexy swimsuits from Private Party.


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Swinging and shaking at Mallorca!

As for the accommodation, we chose to stay at party hostels so that there would be no slowing us down! Each day there was something that we looked forward to. And even though all of us came from different cities, this trip has made us all bond so well. And we’re all closer than ever. In fact, people kept telling me that travelling in big groups is always problematic but with this group, I only remember having an amazing time with lots of laughter, smiles and some happy tears.

6 bachelorette party

Satisfying mid-day cravings at Makamaka Beach Burger Cafe, Barcelona!

7 bachelorette party

That’s just us being us!

As for the bride-to-be, I would like you to know that with only a few months to go, a part of me is a l’il sad that we might not get such crazy opportunities again, but, knowing that you are marrying an amazing man, it is totally worth it! So here’s to the exciting next few months as we get ready for your fairy tale. I cannot wait to watch you two embark on your greatest adventures together. It is going to be a whirlwind of pictures, flowers, dresses, emotions, and most importantly, joy. Remember to take it all in slowly, and breathe. Don’t get lost in the craziness of the day. Remember to enjoy and appreciate these moments that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Lots of love and luck to the bride-to-be from the POPxo family!