11 *Unforgettable* Party Themes For Your Bestie’s Birthday!

11 *Unforgettable* Party Themes For Your Bestie’s Birthday!

Do you ever find yourself banging your head on the wall trying to figure out some birthday party themes for your best friends birthday bash? Here are some ideas to get you into the game of throwing fun soirées to make your besties birthday party unforgettable!

1. The Gatsby Party

The 20’s is known as the jazz age - the colours black and gold! Set the mood by sending out Gatsby-themed invites and don't forget to update your jazz playlist and get your jazz grooves on point. Get your bestie to look fab in her 1920’s inspired outfit, whether it’s a drop waist flapper dress or an LBD accessorized with the classic Chanel-inspired pearl strings.

2. Back To Childhood

No matter how old you are, a child exists amongst each of you. Take your bestie back to the time of magic shows, bouncy castles, ball pools, pinatas and hoopla games we had when we were four years old. A candy floss bar, mini pizzas, and burgers along with a table full of party hats and party horns are childhood essential.  Growing a year older would just make your bestie feel younger!

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3. The White Party Affair

Nothing beats the chic all-white ensemble for a summertime party - so there's your dress code right there. And pastel shades are the colour trend for all the decor for your bestie’s ‘White Party Affair’. Keep it sophisticated and glam with flower arrangements and some rosé.

4. Back To School

An all time classic birthday bash to throw for your school bestie. Who wouldn't like to revisit their preppy fashion sense and re-establish their clique? Wearing your school-time pleated skirts and calf-high socks, adding a new twist to the boring school uniforms... Let your bestie feel like the ‘Queen B!’

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5. Black And White Prom

Throw it back to the prom night you wish your bestie had. A black and white theme is an all time classic and never goes out of style! Lay out a black carpet for your bestie’s entrance and have all your guests dressed in black and white.

6. Pajama Party

Sometimes, the best gift to give your bestie can be a pajama party - the best sleepover you’ve ever had but with champagne! Have everyone dress in their favourite and most comfortable nightwear, pop a bottle of champagne and drink your way into the night.

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7. Masquerade Party

Dress to impress but keep everyone guessing with your mystery mask. Take inspiration from the wish of a sweet sixteen masquerade party to grand Victorian masked balls and throw your bestie a mysterious party which will be a sure shot recipe for an unforgettable night for her special day!

8. Hawaiian Luau

A perfect theme for your bestie’s party in the summer months! Keep up the tropical party theme with the grass skirts and the yummy colourful cocktail. Get fancy flower headgears to give to your guests and get the cocktail drink umbrellas to complete the Hawaiian feel!

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9. Saints And Sinners

It’s the perfect theme to get all the angels or the devils, the saints or the sinners, all under one roof. Have the Saints dress up in red and the sinners in black and gear up your bestie for beer pong challenges between the two!!

10. Fan Fiction

Remember the fancy dress parties you had as kids? It's time to relive that! Throw a grand fan fiction party and get everyone to dress like their all-time favourite fictional character.

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11. Retro

Flash back to the 80s, anyone?! Throw it back to the time of Madonna, crop tops, and disco! Ensure that your guests get their best shimmery clothes on and get your bestie to shimmy her way through the night!

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