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You'll Have The *Best* Sex At THIS Age - Research Reveals!

You'll Have The *Best* Sex At THIS Age - Research Reveals!

Sex is great, right? I mean it’s almost the most perfect thing to happen to us humans. Sex busts stress AKA sex keeps us happy. But have you ever wondered if the sex you’re getting right now is the best or will it get better with age, like wine? Admit it, you probably have.

Well, this recent study by Happify has the answers you’ve been looking for. And you will be quite surprised by them, to say the least. From within men and women under the age of 50, women said they reached their sexual peak at the age of 26 and men claimed it was at the age of 32.

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However, there is a twist to the story. When people in their 50s and 60s took the same survey, the exact age they claimed to have the best sex of their lives was *drumroll* 46.

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So if you’re in 20s and still think there’s more to sex than what you get, then you’re right it seems. The bad news is you are not quite there yet but the good news is you’re not quite there yet!! Turns out there is still gold to be struck when you’re old, huh? *Wink*

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