10 Adorable Texts To Send Him In A *New* Relationship!

10 Adorable Texts To Send Him In A *New* Relationship!

Every girl loves spending time with her boyfriend - especially if the two of you just got into a relationship. And when you’re not with him, you are continuously missing him, even if he is just one text away. Here are 10 adorable texts to send if you two just got together.

1. ‘I know I just saw you, but I miss you already!’

Nothing wrong with being all mushy while talking to bae!

2. ‘My heart skips a beat everytime I see you. Which reminds me, when are we meeting again?’

Now that’s a clever way of getting yourself heard without coming across as too needy.

3. ‘I am the happiest when you are around. You just make my day and my life so much better.’

Because your happiness will make your guy extra happy!

3 adorable texts - girl blushing

4. ‘Babe, I’m craving ice-cream. Can you get me some on your way here?’

A subtle way of letting him know that you him with you more than the ice-cream really!

5. ‘I’m cooking up a storm today. Can’t wait for you to try it.’

What better way to surprise bae than with the promise of scrumptious food awaiting him at home?

6. ‘Hey, there is new song that I just can’t stop singing. I want to know what you think about it!’

You literally want his opinions on everything and he loves that. And, boy, that is cute!

6 adorable texts - girl singing

7. ‘Hey, I love you and I like you.’

Truth be told.

8. ‘You make me feel better about myself.’

Even on your most difficult days, he is there for you. And that speaks volumes about how much he cares!

9. ‘Hey there, handsome.’

That is literally the best way to start a conversation with your boyfriend - by complimenting him!

9 adorable texts - girl flirting

10. ‘Off to bed. But I’ll see you in my dreams!’

Because you’d rather not spend one moment without him - even in your sleep.

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