11 Cute Little Fights *Only* Married Couples Have!

11 Cute Little Fights *Only* Married Couples Have!

Happy marriages are made of slow kisses, warm hugs, long cuddles and adorable fights. Yup, you read that right, we just called them fights adorable. For even though they may get super annoying, they often end up in sweet, little sessions of making up to one another. Here are 11 such fights married couples have with each other!

1. Who loved who more, before marriage?

No matter if you had a love marriage or an arranged one, once married you’d def think your partner gave you more attention earlier. Let’s just say we’re all greedy for love and who else will we pout at it for, if not our partners, right?

2. Who decided where to eat last time and who’s going to order now?

Everyone wants to eat amazing food, but no one wants to read through the menu and decide what to order. Especially married couples who just.can’t.decide what meal to share next!

2 fights married couples have - cute couple fight

3. Who will switch off the lights?

‘Coz when you’re cozy and comfortable in bed, you don’t wanna leave it to switch off those damn lights. So you coax, cajole, threaten and bribe your partner to do it for you.

4. What’s that gross smell?

Married couples enjoy blowing onion/ginger/garlic flavoured breaths at each other, just to annoy one another. Sometimes, they even deliberately fart in front of one another to laugh at the others’ suffocated expression and fight a little fight over it.

4 fights married couples have - cuddling

5. Who will tell mom and dad?

Sure married couples are grown-ups who can take their own decisions, but one of them still has to inform the parents about the trip they’re planning. And just who wants to risk hearing ‘But you just went to Leh last month?’

6. Who first started feeling up whom, in the middle of the night?

‘Coz um, eventually both of you started making out, albeit sleepily and couldn’t wake up on time in the morning. And even though it was fun, who started it first is a fun, naughty argument to have.

6 fights married couples have - couple having sex

7. What’s the ultimate sleeping position or pillow-and-bedcover angle?

He loves to sleep with his arms and legs spread out across the bed, while she sleeps like a baby when he’s wrapped her up in them. Couples, then, fight entire nights to sleep in their preferred positions, even if their partner is aching everywhere in it. All's fair in love and war, right?

8. The cuddle-tickle-pillow fight!

The fight that starts with one of them tickling the other, continues with the other seeking revenge and soon they’re both laughing uncontrollably and now there are pillows racing across their room. We love how this one fight ends, though. With the couple falling on their bed, happily exhausted, ready for a long, relaxing hug.

8 fights married couples have - pillow fight

9. What temperature to keep the air conditioner at?

You’d find so many couples obsessing over the AC remote and sleeping with it carefully tucked between their pillows. The reason? They’d fight over the temperature and keep switching it on and off, as the night proceeds.

10. You don’t pamper me. You should have married your phone!

Every couple has a love-hate relationship with their partner’s phone. And often put it to blame when they’re feeling a little less pampered. ‘Coz we all love to be spoilt and can NEVER be pampered enough now, can we?

10 fights married couples have - sad girl

11. Your-stupid-alarm-is-ringing-again!

Or, your wet towel is on the bed again or you’ve messed up the room, again. Just everyday fights over daily habits that annoy the sh*t out of one another, but despite daily reminders are probably never going to change. Yes, they may seem annoying in the moment, but trust us these silly fights bring the couple closer.

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