10 PDA Rules Every Girl In *Love* Should Break!

10 PDA Rules Every Girl In *Love* Should Break!

No matter how much we believe in the philosophy of ‘keeping things quiet’, there are times when we want to show the world how much someone means to us. These are the times when we want to shower love on social media or, you know, just when we are around them. But there are times when we are bounded by a few ‘rules’. Ladies, it’s time you totally broke these rules because the girls who followed all of them? They missed out on a lot of fun! Here are few public display rules that every girl should definitely break.

Rule 1: Everyone's doing it so you should too.

Well, just because a lot of people are doing it does not mean you have to do it too. Infact, PDA is about feeling the love and showing it. Not something you’d do just for sake of doing it. Know the difference!

PDA rules 1 cute couples cuddling

Rule 2: You need to plan it out properly.

Nah! We say you go ahead and plant a kiss when he is least expecting it. Just do what the moment calls for. It’s just your affection, and it does not have to be planned or overthought. It can be cute and in the moment.

Rule 3: Holding hands in public? No, no!

Holding hands is one of the sweetest gestures in a relationship. Don’t be afraid to hold hands because you fear judgement. Holding hands with your S/O is the cutest thing and you should go ahead and do it, anywhere!

PDA rules 3 couples holding hands

Rule 4: If you gotta do it, you gotta make it super intense

Whoever made this rule, had no idea how amazing cute little things are. PDA does not have to be intense. It can simply be a moment of laughing together or a gentle rub of hands. Just cute little moments to share with bae.

Rule 5: PDA should last long

Well, you don’t have to hold hands the whole time you're taking a walk in the park. PDA moments can be sweet, brief and exciting!

PDA rules 5 couples cute kiss

Rule 6: Sitting on his lap isn't appropriate.

Listen up, ladies - sitting on his lap is just fine! It’s cute, if done right. Don’t over think about sitting on his lap when you’re around your friends. It’s OKAY!

Rule 7: Don't grind with him when you’re at the club

Why not? You’ve had a couple of drinks and you feel like telling bae how much you like dancing with him. A gentle session of grinding is never a problem if you both are comfortable with it - and there are no kids around!

PDA rules 7 couples dancing club

Rule 8: Patting his butt makes you look ‘forward’

No, we don’t mean that you should take any measures of squeezing or grabbing his butt in public, but a quick little pat when no one is looking will be cute and naughty at the same time!

Rule 9: No pecks in public!

A cute little peck on the cheek is absolutely harmless. You can always stop by and give him a little kiss when you feel the love!

PDA rules 9 couples kiss cheek cute

Rule 10: Don't post a lot of cutesy stuff on social media

It’s okay to let the world know how much you care about him. People love it when there is more love in the world and they love it when it’s long lasting. Let the world know that he is the best you’ve ever had!

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