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What Is Your *Sexiest* Trait? Your Zodiac Reveals…

What Is Your *Sexiest* Trait? Your Zodiac Reveals…

Whether or not we believe in astrology, most of us are indisputably fond of our zodiac signs. In a way, they define our sensibilities, validate an eccentric nature or a creative bent of mind. Here is your sexiest quality according to your zodiac sign.

1. Aries: An unhindered zest for life

Aries are passionate and impulsive - you are independent and constantly on the move, which is what most people love and admire about you. A life with Aries is never, ever boring and makes one want to hop on for the ride!

1 sexiest quality - girls dancing

2. Taurus: Gracious and kind

Taurus, you are just naturally charming and an expert at making people feel comfortable around you. Your body language and vibe is enough in itself to make people fall for you!

3. Gemini: Wise and desirable

A Gemini is a natural storyteller but they are also quite assertive and can tell people off. Also quick to apologize, the mysterious Gemini is desirable and a lover of all things fabulous.

4. Cancer: Unpredictability is the key

Cancerians are unpredictable - you’d literally never quite now what to expect. They can go anything from being carefree to extremely attached in a relationship. But their free-spirited nature makes their indecisiveness quite endearing.

5. Leo: Warm and energetic

Leo oozes charm and warmth, it is very easy to get attracted to them - they are quite the natural magnets really. Leo tends to seek out praise and can get quite attached to the pursuit of the same.

5 sexiest quality - girls talking

6. Virgo: Sharp and witty

Virgos are intelligent and they will forever impress you with how knowledgeable they are. They are pragmatic and can take it up as a challenge to solve any problem. And yes, they make for great friends and lovers!

7. Libra: The sensitive one

Libras are loyal and sensitive - so they will take their own time to get to know you. They aren’t stubborn and are forever ready to have philosophical and intellectual conversations. One thing to know about them - Librans are quite easy to swoon over and fall for.

8. Scorpio: All about the drama

Scorpions love a life of extremes. This is why they are welcoming of complicated relationships - full of emotions and drama. Their charm is very addictive.

9. Sagittarius: Affectionate and kind

Sagittarius, you enjoy pampering their loved ones and tend to confide in a lot of people. You like to keep them on their toes and appreciate honesty in your partners.

9 sexiest quality - girl being awkward

10. Capricorn: Principled and quiet

Capricorn’s sexiest quality is definitely that they are headstrong and passionate. They are not too fond of talking all the time but they put up a fight for the people they love.

11. Aquarius: Unique and quirky

Aquarians are natural charmers, but they don’t realize it. They are usually quite awkward and not smooth but their little sweet mannerisms make them the best kinda people to be around.

12. Pisces: Wise and flexible

Pisces are the ones to go with the flow. They are quite the old souls, emotional but not naive or innocent. They are not pushovers and don’t let people walk over them.

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Published on Jun 13, 2017
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