#HeSays: 7 Reasons Guys Love Being *On Top* During Sex!

#HeSays: 7 Reasons Guys Love Being *On Top* During Sex!

Yes, ladies, while all of us guys love it when you take charge and get on top during sex, we still have a special love for being the ones on top. Sure, we love to mix things up once in a while but there are just so many reasons for us to love the guy-on-top positions! So, here are some of them…

1. We have all the control.

We can decide the pace and the angle when we're on top - we can even just stop when we want, in order to tease you mercilessly. We thrive on that kind of control!

2. And there are so many...variations.  

Being on top doesn't just mean missionary - we could do a variation with you on your stomach, or with your legs high up on our shoulders or even with our legs in a scissoring position. It's ALL awesome.

2 on top during sex

3. We get to see your face.

Most of the time when we're on top, we get to see each and every one of your expressions - it's great for when we're not sure how something we're doing is making you feel.

4. And your boobs!

Because, come on, boobs! Holding them is all fine and good but we're also visual creatures. And being able to see them totally adds to our pleasure.

4 on top during sex

5. *Your* hands are free.

We're huge fans of you letting your arms roam our (or even your!) bodies. It's super exciting and totally makes us feel like we're on top of the world. AND given us energy to keep going!

6. And your legs…

Let's be honest - that thing you do with your legs when you wrap them around our waist and kind of push us with them, when you want us to go faster or harder? We hear you loud and clear and we LOVE it.

6 on top during sex

7. It's great for our arms.

Because, let's face it, being on top requires a lot of work. And since we can't possibly put all of our weight on you, we end up pushing our muscles to their limit. But it's definitely worth it!!

Images: Tumblr, Shutterstock