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What Kind Of Ex-Girlfriend Are You? Your Zodiac Reveals All…

What Kind Of Ex-Girlfriend Are You? Your Zodiac Reveals All…

Sometimes things don’t work out and relationships end, and it is never a happy feeling for you or your partner. While every girl deals with her breakup in her own unique way but based on your Zodiac sign, we can chart out some basic behaviours that you’re likely to indulge in. Read on and find out the type of an ex-girlfriend you are, based on your zodiac sign...

1. The Aries Ex-Girlfriend

You are the kind of ex-girlfriend who won’t lie back sulking in bed with buckets of ice cream and watch RomComs! Instead, you will pull up your socks and get out and get going to find a crazy distraction from all the negative emotions, be it taking up an adventure sport, splurging on a lavish purchase or even embarking on a crazy adventure.

1 type of an ex girlfriend - girl cycling

2. The Taurus Ex-Girlfriend

You are a very logical person and once you’ve figured out why things did not work out between you and your partner, you’ll be at peace with the breakup. While you are so chill that you may be okay being friends with your ex sometime down the line, you’ll never make the mistake of dating the same person again.

2 type of an ex girlfriend - girl talking

3. The Gemini Ex-Girlfriend

The kind of ex-girlfriend who is super chill and adventurous, you are likely to oscillate on-and-off with your ex. While it is great to give your partner a second or a third chance, sometimes you forget that breaking up with a person may be for the best!

3 type of an ex girlfriend - girl talking

4. The Cancer Ex-Girlfriend

One of the most loyal and supportive zodiac signs, you feel breakups most intensely. After a breakup, you feel as if your world has fallen apart and there is a lot of sobbing and tearing up, while you promise your friends that you are doing just fine, you just need a little more support and comfort.

4 type of an ex girlfriend - phoebe friends

5. The Leo Ex-Girlfriend

Being the lion sign, you are likely to feel hurt, insulted and very upset that your partner did not see you for the sweetheart that you are and did not fight for you. You are most likely to play it cool, conceal your emotions, put on a happy face and go party it up with friends.

5 type of an ex girlfriend - sonam kapoor aisha

6. The Virgo Ex-Girlfriend

You are the kind of ex that loves analysing the relationship and sometimes, let’s just say you go overboard. The deeply emotional person that you are, you may go through all chats to find the red flags from where everything started going downhill, desperately seeking a closure.

6 type of an ex girlfriend - taylor swift

7. The Libra Ex-Girlfriend

Sign of the scales and non-confrontational by nature, you are the kind of ex that goes around telling everyone that you have no ill will against your partner after the breakup ( even though you’re really bitter and you won’t actually ever forgive them). Swinging between ‘he was the love of my life’ and ‘it’s all for the best’, you are most likely to sign up for some kickboxing or yoga sessions to achieve that zen mode.

7 type of an ex girlfriend - beyonce

8. The Scorpio Ex-Girlfriend

You are the most level-headed zodiac sign who goes cold-turkey on their partner after the breakup, cutting off all communications forever. Basically, when things fall apart, you leave with dignity and grace, closing that chapter. What can we say? That is how you roll!

8 type of an ex girlfriend - swag

9. The Sagittarius Ex-Girlfriend

The happy-go-lucky, carefree person that you are, makes you the kind of ex who may continue to be friends with your ex-boyfriend and jump right up at the first opportunity of him trying to win you back over.

9 type of an ex girlfriend - taylor swift

10. The Capricorn Ex-Girlfriend

You are the kind of ex who has the shortest post-breakup mourning period. It almost seems that you are excited to start afresh and be back in the game with someone new. And let’s be honest, you’re not completely wrong, an end is the start of a new beginning.

10 type of an ex girlfriend - party girl

11. The Aquarius Ex-Girlfriend

You are the kind of ex who almost seems relieved after having a breakup and seems to be super happy to have all your personal space back. Your charisma and conversational skills don’t let you stay down for too long and you’re back in the game rather quickly.

11 type of an ex girlfriend - tinder

12. The Pisces Ex-Girlfriend

Being the super compassionate and kind person that you are, you feel the breakups way too intensely and end up crying buckets. Despite all this, you try to keep your ex in your life, keeping things as friendly as possible. What can we say, the heart wants what it wants, right?

12 type of an ex girlfriend - girl crying

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Published on Jun 29, 2017
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