10 Silly Little Things All Shy Girls Do When They Have A Crush!

10 Silly Little Things All Shy Girls Do When They Have A Crush!

Us shy girls might not the best at expressing ourselves. But when we are crushing on someone, we certainly drop our fair share (no matter how subtle) of hints to reach out to the other person. Here are 10 things all shy girls do when they have a crush on someone!

1. Tell our friends about it

Isn’t that kind of imperative? We obviously want our friends to advice and help us out in the situation because as shy people we aren’t spectacularly good at getting our point across.

1 shy girls - girls laughing

2. Practice in front of the mirror

We have a rather expansive imagination and can literally spend the entire day dreaming and conjuring hypothetical situations of meeting our crushes and chatting up with them! It’s always dreamy in our minds!

3. Some harmless stalking

Once we realize we like someone, we feel the need to find everything we can about them but without really asking them. So obviously, social media is of great help, enabling us to vicariously know more about them.

4. Blush, blush, blush

If we have the good fortune of bumping into our crush from time to time, we will be perpetually blushing. Forget meeting, even if someone mentions him in a separate conversation, our cheeks flush in no time!

4 shy girls - girl blushing

5. Staring game

We are great at eyeing our crushes and immediately reverting our gaze when they happen to look back at us! Sneaky, right?

6. Always go second

A shy girl doesn’t hope that her crush approaches her first for the sake of good ol’ chivalry, it’s just that making the first move is super unnerving for us. So, dear crush, if you’re reading this - go ahead and make the first move, we’re pretty much waiting!

7. Say something very awkward

We have the special knack of making things difficult for ourselves. So, of course, our first instinct is to say something inappropriate and just wrong! This includes one-word answers and nods - we’re not being rude, just don’t know what to say (even though we’ve practiced this gazillion times!)

7 shy girls - girl being awkward

8. Giggle from time to time

We can’t deal with pauses in conversations, so breaking out into incoherent laughter without any reason feels like an apt thing to do. In our defense, laughter is the best medicine, right?

9. Fidget away

Playing with our hair, shaking our feet, cracking our knuckles and tapping our hands against the table are all wonderful mechanisms to curb our nervous energy.

10. Avoid, when everything fails

The rate at which we keep being daft, sprinting and ramming into a pillar sounds like a better idea than speaking to our crush. Ah, well!

10 shy girls - girl ignoring boy

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