#HeSays: 17 Thoughts EVERY Guy Has During ‘Shower Sex’!

#HeSays: 17 Thoughts EVERY Guy Has During ‘Shower Sex’!

Sex in the bedroom is a lot of fun, don't get us wrong. But once in a while, every guy likes to mix things up a bit. We all have our own list of odd places we would like to do it in but the shower is probably on every one of those! So here are thoughts guys have during shower sex - when it finally happens!

1. DUDE. This is going to be so, SO hot!

2. But finding a position is, um, kinda awkward.

3. Oooo, but this warm water feels so good.

4. Okay, why is she yelling at me for getting her hair wet? We're in the shower!

4 shower sex

5. I never thought things would be this slippery for some reason…

6. Damn, but I've always wanted to do this and now I finally am!

7. Her body looks so hot in here! Like, smoking - or, wait, steaming!

8. But her face...is covered by her hair? Oh, I see why she was yelling earlier. My bad.

8 shower sex

9. How can things get this...dry down there in the shower?

10. Water really doesn't make for good lube, man.

11. F*ck, bumped my leg into the handles. This is a really tiny space for two people to move around freely in.

12. SO not how I imagined this to go down. SO not what it looks like in movies.

12 shower sex

13. Maybe we should take a break - I can lather up her body for a bit.

14. Now, THIS is what I had imagined it would be like.

15. Is it just me or… Is the water not so hot anymore?

16. Okay, she's screaming again, it's definitely not just me.

16 shower sex

17. We should just take this to the bedroom. We can definitely have better after-shower sex than shower sex!

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